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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

happy new year!

we won't be blogging till early next year, folks. mrs. skippy's family is coming in for the holiday, and skippy has given his crack staff a few days off to celebrate the end of 2002. hope to see you all in 2003!

have a safe celebration!
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more on that invisible cnn/time poll

of course, everyone on the left is wondering about the cnn/time poll [ed. note: scroll down to the heading ok, here it is to find the graphic] which shows bush's job approval rating at a mere 55%, and why it is nowhere to be found on the internet.

the plot thickens. one of our interns sent an email asking about it to the editor of the polling report. here is his reply:

thanks for your note. time/cnn poll results are released to us by their pollsters. so far, what they’ve sent us from the dec. 17-18 poll has not included an overall bush job rating. when and if they provide it to us, we’ll report it.

so, the guys in charge want to make sure nobody on the net knows that americans think bush is doing a lousy job! yeah, that'll stop it! america will automatically start thinking bush is doing good, because they don't hear otherwise! yeah, that'll change everything!

addendum: the always interesting interesting times, which has the scanned image of the cnn/time poll, also provides this link to the american research group, which has some similar numbers for mr. bush (ie, dismal).

happy new year, w!

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happy new year from the bush economic team!

what more can we say than what the headline says? consumer confidence plunges

the consumer confidence index dropped to 80.3 in december from a revised 84.9 in november, according to the conference board, a private business research group. the index has fallen for six of the past seven months, and december was much weaker than economists' forecasts of 86, according to briefing.com.

drive safely tonight!
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thanks, glovefox!

our favorite college girl in england, glovefox, sent us this great new years greetings.

happy new year, glovefox!
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Monday, December 30, 2002

if you're looking for the cnn/time poll...

it's down under the title "straight from the marsupial's mouth" under dec. 27.

and by the way, we'd like to give a big shout out to cursor.org, who linked to our post about the 55% approval rating mr. bush got from the cnn/time poll. (although they apparently had trouble with the s and k and i and p and y keys on their computers, being unable to actually name our blog in their link...still, a link is a link, and we thank them for it!) in fact, we are happy to add their fine media watch site to our permanent roll of media blogs!
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you say you got a resolution, we-ell, you know...we're all doing what we can

skippy's blogging resolution this year is to try to install blogroll software on his site. we hear nothing but great things, and when visiting other blogs, we love seeing which blogs have been recently updated and which are just lazy.

but a really good resolution that we all can make is analyzed in detail over at our fav medical blog, db's medical rants. dr. db highly recommends working on your fitness plan, to include some sort of physical exercise every day, and the entire crack staff at skippy concurs! (in fact, much like the staffs of several large japanese corporations, we all do calisthenics every morning!)
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say hello

to arch pundit and rob moitoza's cavalcade of stars
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merry christmas from the bush economic team (part 3)

retailers say bah, humbug including wal-mart who revised their projected growth of same-store sales (stores open a year or more) from between 3 and 5% down to between 2 and 3%.

oil hits a 2 year high (and don't expect an iraqi war to help much either: "the venezuela strike and speculation about war with iraq has added more than $5 to a barrel of crude in december and prices are now $10 to $13 above levels at the beginning of the year, raising concerns that high energy bills may stymie global economic recovery.")

and there's little to cheer in holiday retail reports: on monday, shoppertrak rct projected that retail sales this december at general merchandise, apparel, furniture and other related stores would grow by just 1% over last year, marking the slowest annual growth rate since september 2001. last week, the retail research company estimated that that retail sales for such stores fell 11% for the entire holiday season compared with last year.

more yuletide greetings: midwest business activity cools off in december from 54.3 in november to a weaker-than-expected 51.3 for the last month of the year.

and finally, surge in post-holiday shopping not expected: "post-christmas retail sales likely continued their sluggish pace over the weekend, as the big discounts that savvy shoppers have come to expect after the holiday were scarce."
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good news in blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!)

first of all, we are happy to add three environmental-related blogs to our permanent blogroll, the earth summit, as well as the oxford edition of earth summit, and the ever popular earth-info.net.

secondly, the daily rant celebrated one year of blogging as of yesterday! congrats, jay, and to jane, too! keep up the good work!

and finally, we are so happy to report that our favorite conservative site, doxagora by the erudite watchful blabber, is up and running again! here is just a sample of why we love doxagora:

nonetheless, [chronicles magazine] stands as far to the right of most conservatives as pacifica radio is to the left; a recent issue of the magazine traced the decline of western civilization to the renaissance and its antecedents. most conservatives believe that society has been off the rails for many years, but few would be willing to begin with ockham's proto-nominalism and the rise of florentine humanism.

and few bloggers would even know how to spell "ockham's proto-nominalism" and "florentine humanism," let alone be able to use them in a sentence! welcome back, watchful!

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Sunday, December 29, 2002

yuletide traditions

christmas is a celebration of the birth of christ? ok, sure, whatever you say. just check out what plum crazy has to say about the history of this holiday, in response to ann-thrax's screed against kwanzaa.
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light blogging today

mr. and mrs. skippy have tickets to the two towers! we are in heaven!

update: great flick! as good as the first! mrs. skippy, who is way not a fantasy or sci-fi fan, loved this film as much as she loved the first one. only distraction we had was frodo was very passive in this segment, but that's a feature of the books, not the film. mrs. skippy loved gollum. and we loved the battle at helms deep. and the ents. and everything. go see it.

update addendum: we know blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) is narrow-casting at its ultimate, but check out this ultra-specific site: a news blog for gollum. we especially like this link: gollum says he auditioned for harry potter.

double update addendum: mrs. skippy has gone nuts! she is certainly not a comic book geek or dungeons and dragons nut, or a collectible maven of any kind (except for some little english toffee tins), but she has convinced skippy to buy her a sterling silver elven leaf brooch!

skippy has never seen her so excited about a movie before. we can only breathe a sigh of relief she's not into gangs of new york, or we'd be looking down the business end of a shellelagh!
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Saturday, December 28, 2002

clonaid, the lyrics

the company clonaid not only claims to have produced the world's first human baby clone, but that all life on earth was cloned 25,000 years ago from space aliens.

here is the clonaid theme song presented at the press conference:

we are the weird
we are the nutjobs
we are the ones who make cloned babies
from flying saucers
this is news we're making
just to get on tv
it's true we'll make a human being
without whoopee

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the john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

digging through the internet, one of skippy's staff found this piece from the san francisco chronicle, published on dec. 17, when trent lott was still around. the article basically states that john ashcroft cast his lot with lott and stood by the administration's position on trent (as of that date).

the interesting bit comes in the final paragraph:

ashcroft has had his own problems with race issues. as a senator, he raised hackles when he called confederates "patriots" and said calling slave owners racist was "revisionist nonsense," and when he delivered the commencement speech at south carolina's bob jones university, a year before it ended its ban on interracial dating.

slave owners racist? come on, that's just revisionist nonsense! why, there's nothing racist about a good, clean lynching, y'all!

but coming back to the future, it looks like mr. ashcroft will be getting served a subpoena soon, as arab and muslim groups sue ins, ashcroft over detentions.

the lawsuit, filed in federal court in los angeles, followed outrage over the detentions of hundreds of immigrants -- most of them Iranians -- who presented themselves at immigration offices under the anti-terrorism program and who were taken away in handcuffs and locked up, sometimes for days, for overstaying their visas. the justice department did not return calls seeking comment.

why should they return calls? comment on being sued for unlawfully detaining a group based on skin color and racial heritage? that's just revisionist nonsense.

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bush's numbers are only reflecting the economy's downward spiral, and no one admits that, either

we'd like to thank liberal oasis and thinking it through and the always lovely lisa english at ruminate this for linking to our analysis, if you can call it that, of mr. bush's meagerly 55% approval rating. we are pleased as punch to add liberal oasis to our permanent blog roll, as well as the democratic veteran, and the johnny bacardi show, and kieran healy's weblog, and the very interesting interesting times.

we'd also like to thank instapundit for linking to that same screed of ours, for two reasons: one, it means the right side of the aisle is acknowledging at the least the existence of the nasty poll, and two, our site meter is again going through the roof, and we all know, multiply the amount of money we get for every hit brings our grand total, thanks to glenn, up to a whopping (zero times a billion equals) zero.

we must say the whole crack staff at skippy is flattered for all this attention, and it certainly says something when both instapundit and liberal oasis link to the same story; it only reaffirms our personal viewpoint that we are in the exact center...of the universe! (or else it's just our hospitality, which we also wouldn't disagree with).
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Friday, December 27, 2002

straight from the marsupial's mouth - update on cnn/time poll

many (all right, two) blogs are discussing the cnn/time poll which puts poor mr. bush's approval rating at a mere 55%, and the fact that it appears only in the dead trees version of time magazine, and not anywhere else in the entire physical world, nor on the time or cnn's websites.

we first talked about it here, mentioning liberal oasis via thinking it through as the source for this information.

well, to be absolutely sure that this story was accurate, we sent our intern all way to the newstand around the corner to buy said copy of time magazine. and indeed, the numbers are there in black and white and blue and purple, with some kind of orange-brown color for the "disapprove" line (those time graphics guys sure can get fancy).

if anyone wants to spend $4.95 plus tax for journalism just slightly above junior scholastic (but hey, it is the special year-end double issue, and it's got a great pic of joe pantoliano's head in a bowling bag on the floor of a kitchen, a nice soprano's reference, and joe is one of skippy's favorite actors), go buy the time person of the year issue.

this little-reported poll can be found the third page of the article "partnership of the year," which talks about w and dick cheney, beginning on page 86. (partnership of the year? what about will and grace?) there is not much else in the poll, nestled in a sidebar on the bottom of the page, that hasn't been reported about in other blogs.

suffice it to say that indeed, it is true that these numbers are in the magazine: 55% approve of w's job performance, 37% disapprove; 50% trust w, 48% distrust w (!!), 43% think the us should attack nations harboring terrorists or wmd, 46% do not think so.

the interesting thing, however, is that there is one question that cnn actually did report on its web site. in response to the question, "have bush's accomplishments been mainly because of his team of advisors?", 55% responded "his advisors" versus 35% saying "would have them regardless." and on cnn's all politics section, we find this december 22 article: poll: bush advisers get favorable marks.

president bush has picked the right advisers, especially on the security and foreign affairs fronts, according to a cnn/time magazine poll released sunday, says the opening sentence.

this is the same cnn/time magazine poll in the year-end issue that skippy's intern bought today. the article goes on to mention very favorable poll results for specific advisers, and does not mention w's dismal job approval rating, which is the lowest since 9/11 (graph thanks to professor pollkatz).

so the question remains, why are only the lefty blogs with bugs up their asses (and we proudly count ourselves in that subset) the only ones mentioning this? it would seem to us that this is actually news. why hasn't the new york times or the boston globe or the washington post or salon or the atlanta journal constitution or the nation or usa today mentioned these numbers?

oh well, leave it to blogtopia (yes! we coined that term!) to do everyone else's work for them.

update: over on atrios' site, in the comments section, leah suggests that we all send an email to howie kurtz of reliable sources. she thinks this is his email address. perhaps it is, but we found this form to submit a comment to him. and in case you didn't bother to click all those media links above, they should provide you with email forms to the respective publications, to send your questions.

update addendum: thanks to atrios once again, we were directed to chris over at interesting times where he scanned and posted the poll in question, saving all of you $4.95 (and damn him for not doing it 8 hours earlier and saving skippy half a sawbuck!)
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the john ashcroft neo-conservative link of the day

this link has nothing to do directly with john ashcroft, but it does show how the neo-conservatives are here among us and still going strong. apparently the sons of confederate veterans oppose a statue of abraham and todd lincoln being erected in richmond, va. we wonder if john ashcroft wouldn't be proud.

well, we know the rev. jesse jackson was not impressed with trent lott getting the boot. he maintains that lott was shown the door not because he was a segregationist, but because he was just not subtle about it:

echoing unnamed white house advisers, republicans argued that lott would be an ''impediment to the passage of the president's agenda.'' what is that agenda? lott was not in the way of tax cuts or war in iraq. william bennett, the republican neoconservative who uses morality as a partisan club, exposed what worries republican operatives on the chris matthews show. according to bennett, lott had to go because he would hinder the republican drive to weaken civil rights laws.

again, this is not directly about john ashcroft. but again, we are betting actual money that mr. ashcroft is somewhere deep in the justice department, smiling to himself over the whole brou-ha-ha.

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the top 20 list

thanks to atrios, we were sent to pandagon's twenty most annoying conservatives of 2002.
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cat killer's son injured in small plane crash

harrison frist, son of new senate majority leader dr. bill frist, was slightly injured but other wise fine after a small plane he was in crashed upon take off.

"harrison is fine," [frist spokesman nick] smith said. he had no other details.

no cats were killed in the incident.

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Thursday, December 26, 2002

those darn poll cats

we have no corraborating proof ourselves, but we received a missive from dr. tom of thinking it through, sending us to the liberal oasis, who says that the print version only of time magazine has poor mr. bush's poll numbers down to 55% approval rating:

the current time magazine offers this from a dec. 17-18 time/cnn poll: in general, do you approve or disapprove of the way president bush is handling his job as president?

Approve -- 55%
Disapprove -- 37%

that’s the lowest approval rating, and the highest disapproval, for dubya in the time/cnn poll since 9/11. his approval has sunk 9 points from just one month ago -- a stunning drop considering he’s coming off of a big election victory. but amazingly, no other media outlet has picked up on the poll.

one question: what's so amazing about no other media reporting actual news?

addendum: as of this writing cnn.com does not report those specific poll numbers on their website. probably because there's no room for it since the front page is chock full of important stories like this.

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say hello

to dr. avedon carol's addendum pages, the sideshow annex. book mark it and blog roll it!
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merry christmas from the bush economic team (part 2)

christmas is over, but the moaning about poor retail performance is just beginning. apparently this holiday shopping season was the worst in 30 years. cnn reports that:

the latest figures certainly don't look good. holiday shopping fell 11 percent to $113 billion between thanksgiving and christmas, according to estimates released thursday by shoppertrak, which tracks retail sales.

and to top it off, the dow jones, which was up over a 100 points at one time today, closed once again in negative territory.

not gloomy enough? how about the fact that states are facing the deepest deficits in 50 years? or the possibility that inflation is coming back?

of course, those who say the economy is half-full instead of half-empty, point to the fact that new jobless claims dropped by the largest number since october 2001.

but don't get so excited folks, let's examine what that actually means. yahoo tells us:

new claims for unemployment benefits fell last week by the largest number in more than a year...for the work week ending dec. 21, jobless claims plunged by a seasonally adjusted 60,000 to 378,000, the labor department reported thursday.

but that doesn't mean that those 60,000 people from the previous week got jobs. on the contrary, the labor department reports the number of brand new unemployment claims, not the total.

since 378,000 people filed for unemployment the week ending dec. 21, which was 60,000 fewer than the previous week, that would mean 438,000 people stood in the line for the dole week ending dec. 14. so that's a total of 816,000 getting unemployment benefits just for those two weeks.

and of course, the labor department has no way of counting the number of people without jobs who do not file for benefits, nor do they calculate the number of people whose benefits have run out, but still don't have a job.

well, don't worry. neither does skippy.
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the trent lott neo-confederate link of the day

today we are pleased to surf on over to dwight meredith's erudite blog, pla, to read his discussion of racism, segregation, and the two major political parties. after an in-depth analysis of the last 40 years of both parties' attitudes towards race, he concludes:

the democrats supported racism and segregation for decades before lbj’s morality, skill and courage ended legal segregation in the south. that choice provides some measure of redemption for the democratic party. a similar opportunity is now presented to the republican party. they shall be judged by their choice.

and on a similar subject, the boys over at antidotal discuss dr. frist the cat-killer and his attitudes towards race, with a handy link to joshua micha marshall.
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a pox on thee!

chuck simmins sent us this email:

just as i said in my recent carnival post, follow the smallpox money: smallpox plan may force other health cuts

as i read this, hospital workers are first up for the vaccine. police, fire and ems will get it second, but only if the money is found. meanwhile, everyone got new computers and a brand spanking new lab.

chuck simmins

addendum: chuck blogs on this subject on his own website.

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uncle sam wants you...to shut up!

here's a series of great posters in the wwii government propaganda style, commenting on today's politics...created by micah wright, who is interviewed here in the canadian magazine rabble news.
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after-christmas song parody sale

the delightful madeleine kane decides that if song parody is good enough for trent lott, it's good enough for his successor, the cat killer. and so she offers this simple phrase: fristy the surgeon.
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happy boxing day!

one of our readers, eric over at antidotal, sends us his vote for his favorite boxing day song:

hi skippy,

don't know why i didn't email you my contribution earlier--i was down and busy, i guess. not a good excuse, but i hope you'll consider my favorite x-mas song contribution a boxing day (that's our funny commonwealth extra-dose-of-consumerism-after-christmas holiday) bonus: my vote is for "my favorite things," which i think fits very well into the category of christmas songs that don't really mention christmas.

btw, your blog fits into the category of my favorite internet marsupial things...merry christmas and boxing day!

thanks a lot eric, we appreciate that vote, and boxing day is indeed one of our favorite holidays...along with kwaanza and russian orthodox christmas, it's a great excuse to extend partying and gift-swapping past the traditional one day of dec. 25! and we are suckers for julie andrews singing anything!
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Wednesday, December 25, 2002

fav xmas songs - the results

before we get to the finals, there are a few more suggestions from our readers out there for their favorite christmas songs:

john isbell votes for blue christmas by elvis, also a favorite of skippy, bringing the king up to a tie with der bing, as we'll denote below.

dr. chameleon is a fan of midwest indie rock, and so votes for the low's just like christmas and vermont's santa claws.

robert of them durn lib'ruls mentions an over-looked album: christmas party with eddie g. it sounds like a swingin' compilation, but, too bad it seems to be out of print.

gary over at public opinion also votes for a popular favorite among our readers, father christmas by the kinks. (also, gary is kind enough to discuss our namesake, the original skippy the bush kangaroo tv series, which was our inspiration for this blog's name).

and john j. emerson says that the pogue's fairy tale of new york as well as the pretenders' 2000 miles are his favorites (and, he adds, do you hear what i hear and little drummer boy are the "xmas songs from hell.")

and with john's vote, that puts fairy tale of new york by the pogues as the number one christmas favorite of skippy readers!

but don't worry, father christmas by the kinks comes in at number 2!

number three is a tie between the whites and the blues! bing crosby's white christmas and elvis presley's blue christmas!

number four is also a tie, a three way, between st. stephen day murders by elvis costello, and santa baby by eartha kitt, and the aforementioned 2000 miles by the pretenders.

a nice, ecclectic list, and skippy would expect no less from his readers. add to that our personal favorites, the annie lennox version of winter wonderland, plus nat king cole's crooning of mel torme's christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire), the boston pops' arrangement of sleigh ride, and stevie nicks haunting rendition of silent night, the novelty of bing crosby (making the list again!) and david bowie singing little drummer boy/peace on earth, and then, just for perversity's sake, grandma got run over by a reindeer by elmo and patsy, and you'll have a list of skippy's favorite christmas songs!

and for favorite christmas movies, skippy is a sucker for bob clark's christmas story with peter billingsly, darren mcgavin at his finest, and melinda dillon. although holiday inn with bing crosby (again!!) and fred astaire is also a perenniel favorite.

our thanks to all our readers who left comments and sent emails to us expressing their preferences in xmas music and entertainment. and we also wish eveyone who reads us, and everyone in blogtopia, and indeed, eveyone everywhere, a peaceful and merry christmas, and a happy new year!

god bless us everyone!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

merry christmas from the entire crack staff at skippy the bush kangaroo!
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merry christmas from the bush economic team

durable goods orders in a surprise decline: orders for durable goods -- costly items intended to last three years or more -- slid 1.4 percent in november after a revised 1.7 percent october rise, the commerce department said. the report, which showed drops in orders for most categories of durable goods, was much weaker than wall street had expected. economists polled by briefing.com were looking for a 0.8 percent gain.

data show us economy struggling: disappointing data on holiday shopping and an unexpected drop in orders for costly manufactured goods, seen in reports released on tuesday, showed the u.s. economy sputtering as the year drew to a close.

well, there's always the prospect of getting a second job. if it's good enough for barbie, it's good enough for us.

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how rudolf!

if anyone should know it's national geographic. but still, we are wondering why they are asking the question, is rudolf a girl?

a hard look at the evidence suggests that at least some of santa's reindeer were females (the ones giving the directions, no doubt), some may have been young bulls, and some may have been neutered males. and rudolph got to be the lead guy because he had a snout full of parasites. many questions remain; how is it that santa chose reindeer to haul his sleigh? why not horses?..."i have no idea," said [historian stephen] nissenbaum. "i suppose the connotation is that in the north they use reindeer."

well, steve, you're not that much of a historian because a look at the free alternative paper la weekly gives us the answer, found in this delightfully informative article about the santa myth, santa is a wildman!

then, as i was researching the saami [local name for the lapps, of lapland] shaman drum, it became crystal clear. the shaman beats his drum until he reaches...a trancelike state of ecstasy...but first, the drum must be granted "life" by means of a particular ritual, and possessed by a guardian spirit — most commonly a reindeer.

the shaman, with the help of his reindeer guide (or basseváresarves), can take his spiritual journey. on the drum skin are painted (in alder bark mixed with spit) various blood-red symbols...one symbol is a miniature sleigh pulled by a tiny reindeer. this image is used by the shaman to "ride into the sky," calling to mind santa's christmas eve flight.

on the other hand, siberian shamans feed psychedelic mushrooms (amanita muscaria) to their reindeer. the animals' metabolism removes the toxins from the mushrooms but leaves the hallucinogenic properties intact in the urine. the shamans then drink the reindeer pee to "fly high." in the american drug subculture, the slang term "sleigh riding" refers to a drugged-out state, while "reindeer dust" is another word for cocaine.

merry christmas! let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
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the john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

one of our readers left a comment in a previous john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day post:

i'd like to see where he condemned the ccc. i've never seen that. on the other hand, i did see quotes from his interview wirth partisan review - is that the title? - with his indirect praise of slavery...john isbell.

well, john, firstly, the name of the publication that mr. ashcroft gave the interview to is southern partisan. yahoo news reports that in 1998, then senator ashcroft told southern partisan:

your magazine also helps set the record straight. you've got a heritage of doing that, of defending southern patriots like robert e. lee, stonewall jackson and jefferson davis. traditionalists must do more. i've got to do more. we've all got to stand up and speak in this respect, or else we'll be taught that these people were giving their lives, subscribing their sacred fortunes and their honor to some perverted agenda.

as for the council of conservative citizens, we could not find any record that mr. ashcroft ever "condemned" that group. joe conasan tells us that, when confronted with the facts that mr. ashcroft tried to intervene in a murder charge against a member of the missouri ccc, mindy tucker on the bush transition team stated mr. ashcroft "would not have met with [ccc president thomas bugel]" if he had been aware of bugel's affiliation with the ccc."

of course, this is hard to logically believe, because ashcroft was a missouri senator, and thomas bugel, as well as the ccc, were widely known in that state as being fiercely segregationist. please read joe's entry for details.

and, just for good measure, the rev. jesse jackson points out in an interview with usa today that john ashcroft (as well as mr. bush himself) has not met with any civil rights leaders even one time in two years.

apparently, john ashcroft is dreaming of a white christmas.

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say hello

to public opinion and scrafford.com.
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Monday, December 23, 2002

blogging around

we agree with oliver willis: hands off our freedom, mr. bush!

the commonweal institute links us to flunking statistics from tap, about the right's disinfo campaign re: faculty bias.

mr. helpful gives his annual report to the shareholders of his blog, while pandagon changes the look of his, as has bear left.

mad kane joins us in congratulating our law blog friends for their recent accolades from law.com, and also points out several law humor blogs as well (our favorite lawyer joke: what do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? a good start!) (just kidding, talk left and how appealing!)

plucky punk has a link to an online card to sign in memoriam of joe strummer.

two tears in a bucket wonders if she should invite all 35.1 million people in california to her xmas party.

eric alterman discovered this great resource by mistake (he also has reader's choices for best one hit wonder songs...not as good as our own readers' christmas song search, but hey, the guy thinks john fogerty is a genius, what can we say?)

instapundit predicts condaleeza rice will be bush's running mate in 2004. how we wish that could ever be so.

daily kos tells us mr. bush has lowered the troops pay raise from 3.7 percent to 2 percent.

the democratic veteran thinks pat buchanan has very little legitimacy to talk about daniel ellsberg.

ampersand tells us what we really need to know about venezuela.

and jeanne d'arc tells us what she really thinks about so-called "charity."

inkgrrl has a cold. stop by and wish her well.

there's still time to vote for dwight meredith's koufax awards (we're not suggesting whom to vote for). but while you're at it, stop by mike finley's blog to see his own mff awards.

at silflay hraka, they are shaking their heads at the latest incredulous bit of pc: petitioning to change the name of the lord of the rings movie from "the two towers" because of 9/11.

whoops! we got it wrong earlier today, it wasn't atrios who showed us blah3's new video, it was the lovely dr. avedon carol of the sideshow. mea culpa! the sideshow is a great blog that does not get its due. read it often!

and, in the ultimate in blogging about bloggers blogging, we link you to rittenhouse review's post about what other bloggers are talking about.

and before we sign off for the night, remember, there's only one day left to email us with your favorite christmas song and/or christmas film! (but hopefully, there's 364 days left to hold christmas cheer in your heart!)
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please stand by

received in our email: dubya dubya dubya.com
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say hello

to ibidem and micah holmquist's irregular thoughts and links.
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we do not like thee, dr. frist

atrios sent us to liberal oasis, who has 10 things the sunday talk shows didn't mention about trent lott's replacement, bill frist.
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the john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

today we go to working for change, who report, among other things in their article stopping the confederate charge, that "twice ashcroft vetoed bills that sought to give residents of the heavily black city of st. louis the same access to voter registration as the mostly white suburban voters."

this is the man in charge of justice in our country.
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damn fine blogging

talkleft, thanks to sideshow, found blah3's 2002: the year with george. w. bush.
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london's not calling

not to put a damper on your holiday spirit, but it is with great regret we report that joe strummer has died.

joe was the guitarist, songwriter, and frontman for the clash, one of the edgy punk bands that revitalized rock and roll in the 70's. aside from the pounding guitars and razor's edge fury that the clash brought to their music, they were instumental in bringing back political agenda to the music world, after a decade of polyester disco and boone lighting up lives.

tapping into the disaffection of class and race struggles in urban britain, strummer led the band to national prominence with songs like white riot, their first single in 1977, which included lyrics on how "all the power's in the hands/of people rich enough to buy it", reports the bbc.

they attracted a growing following by hitting a similar nerve, with songs like clash city rockers and white man in hammersmith palais, railing against unemployment and social inequality.

joe died in his sleep, of an apparent heart attack; a gentle exit for such a furious talent. he was 50 years old, which is 150 in rock and roll years.

"he was one of the most important figures in modern british music, a powerful performer and a wordsmith on the same level as bob dylan," said pat gilbert, editor of british music magazine mojo, reports cnn entertainment. "his music had compassion and vision, backed with an agenda to change the world for the better... i was shocked to hear of his death," he told reuters.

"joe strummer was one of the greatest stars of the last 30 years," said anthony thornton, editor of the internet site of the british rock weekly new musical express. "rock is a smaller, less interesting place today."

we would have to agree.
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Sunday, December 22, 2002

things we'd like to see

hugh grant and sandra bullock in the second installment of the j.r.r. tolkein's classic: "lord of the rings: the two week notice."

and a speed metal band for angry senior citizens: system of hugh downs.
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the john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

today we go to that bastion of liberal viewpoints, newday.com, to find ashcroft's connections questioned. of course, skippy has been questioning ashcroft's connections for at least a week, so we are all glad to see other people doing the same.

"contact with those groups (southern partisan magazine, bob jones university and the council of conservative citizens) is a distinction ashcroft shares with just a handful of national politicians, among them sen. trent lott" says newsday.

"ashcroft did condemn the white-supremacist council of concerned citizens [ed. note: tell newsday to fire their research intern. the name of the group is the council of conservative citizens], which endorsed him for senate. but he had met with a council official and written a letter on behalf of a council member accused in a conspiracy to kill an fbi agent. ashcroft said he did not know about the man's tie to the group.

this "council member" is a dentist named dr. charles t. sell, according to joe conasan. dr. sell is accused by the fbi of conspiring to kill the (african-american) agent who arrested dr. sell on medicaid fraud charges. when ashcroft was senator from missouri (show me!) and a member of the senate judcial committee, he made several attempts to intervene, or at least inquire on behalf of dr. sell, at the behest of the gordon baum, head of the missouri chapter of the ccc.

dr. sell did not benefit from any actions taken by then sen. ashcroft. but it does lead us to wonder if the now attorney general has a soft spot in his heart for such organizations as the ccc.

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dead elf bounce

here's a look at the dow jones since mr. bush has been running things.

notice that it was lower last october and july than during the 9/11 attacks.

even worse, folks are not expecting the traditional santa claus rally to close up the market for the last few days of the year.

"if santa claus fails to call, the bears may come to broad and wall," said jeffrey hirsch, editor of the stock traders almanac, referring to the lower manhattan intersection where the new york stock exchange is located. "that means if there's no santa claus rally, it could be the first warning sign of a bear market."

however, it's not all gloom and doom out there. it seems that the gross domestic product growth was very strong in the third quarter before slowing down during this fourth q. (the key word there is "was." skippy "was" 21 at one time, but no more).

the commerce department said gross domestic product, the gauge of total economic activity within u.s. borders, grew at a 4 percent annual rate in the july-september quarter. That was...triple the second quarter's 1.3 percent pace of expansion. but war jitters and slack business investment has curbed growth in the current fourth quarter. the closely watched blue chip economic forecasting group estimates gdp will expand only by 1.4 percent in the current quarter.

but on the brighter side of things, shoppers went nuts yesterday, spending like clinton was still in office.

let's hope the economy has a happy holiday this year.
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more xmas songs

here's a couple more suggestions for readers' favorite christmas carols...

sassafrass, of the great blog by the same name, puts in a vote for odetta's "shout for joy," from her album, odetta's christmas spirituals.

and then reader stephen d. nominates sam phillips' version of it came upon a midnight clear from the soundtrack of a midnight clear. he also recommends that film, especially for these troubled times (it tells the story of the front lines during wwii, when allied forces and german forces faced each other one christmas eve. it is a powerful anti-war film, starring ethan hawke, gary sinese and peter berg, among others).

great suggestions, kids! keep those emails coming in for fav xmas carols and xmas movies!
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Saturday, December 21, 2002

the john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

as promised, here is about.com's opinions of john ashcroft, entitled "lott's a racist but ashcroft's okay?" to which we answer, "no!"

a sample:

in 1988, former football player reggie white caused a controversy by telling the wisconsin legislature that blacks are good at "jumping up and down" in black churches, japanese and other asians "can turn a television into a watch," and "hispanic were gifted in family structure, and... can put 20, 30 people in one home." did America's top civil rights official turn around and rightly criticize those racist remarks? no. mr. ashcroft sent white a letter saying "you are a credit to sports at a time when many 'stars' set the wrong example."

by the way, check out the swirling vortex of blog articles reporting the record of mr. lott's replacement, dr. frist, including talkleft, the daily kos, and nathan newman's news and views.

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letters, we get letters

from time to time, skippy receives letters from some interesting sources with new links, info, and just plain gossip. here's a couple from our bulging mail bag:

matt prescott, of the dept. of zoology at oxford (the college, not the shoes) writes:

"dear skippy, i hope you might find earth-info.net of interest. this blog offers a blend of environmental and social news, comment + links. it is a sister site to earthsummit (600 useful links) and the student-run oxford earth summit (30 expert talks). best wishes, matt prescott"

thanks, matt! we'll put those links on our permanent blogroll soon!

and then, we got this from leigh pomeroy, of the tulocay winery:

"skippy the cellar rat at tulocay winery tells me that he likes your name and your support of marsupials the world over.... leigh pomeroy"

thanks leigh, and thanks, skippy! skippy sends his best to skippy! and have some peanut butter!

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best law blogs on the web

we are a bit remiss with our untimely (read: 2 days late) congratulations, but we extend a heart-felt "way to go!" to our good friend talkleft, who was named one of the top law blogs for 2002 by law technology news, published at law.com (in fact, hers was named the very first of all in the article!)

also mentioned (second, in fact) is another of our fav legal blogs, how appealing. and congrats to the volokh conspiracy, also named.
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more xmas favs than you can shake a candy cane at

our good buddy bill sherman, the pop culture gadabout, has listed his favorite christmas songs on his own blog. bill also directs us to johnny bacardi and john fodge of blogcritics who does the same.

with their votes, the pogues' fairy tale of new york and the kinks' father christmas have pulled ahead of bing's white xmas and elvis and eartha (blue xmas and santa baby, respectively) for the readers fav.

stentor over at debitage also likes weird al's christmas at ground zero (along with the night santa went crazy) giving that standard two votes, but he also mentions the under-appreciated "o come o come emmannuel" (technically, stenton says, an advent song).

kevin of calpundit loves amy grant's rendition of "hark! the herald angels sing" ("absolutely gorgeous" kevin says. yes, kevin, we agree, amy is gorgeous! and a damn fine singer!)

our bud susan of easy bake coven gives us a short list of the songs that get on her nerves: jingle bells by those "infernal" barking dogs; plus walking 'round in women's underwear, and grandma got runned over by a reindeer. we agree with the first two, but happen to love the elmo and patsy song, susan, we think it's a perfect example of song parody!

once again, (and we have nothing invested in this, we just like it), take a listen to accuholidays for fine non-traditional xmas songs. and keep those emails coming in for your favorite xmas songs and films!
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Friday, December 20, 2002

dear la times

a copy of the letter we sent to the times:

sirs and madames;

norah vincent works fast and loose with the facts in her recent op-ed piece putting the brakes on blowhard 'bloggers' when she suggests that "another blogger accused" her of plagarism.

having read both her blog which contained the offending words lifted from jackson browne (unconsciously, according to ms. vincent; hey, that defense worked for george harrison and michael bolton), and also the blog that questioned her actions, i can attest to the fact that she is incorrect in her statements.

james capazzola, writing in his blog the rittenhouse review merely reprinted a letter from journalist charles pierce, which said ms. vincent's words "rang familiar" and questioned her originality. mr. capazzola headlined his piece with a similar question: "norah vincent: jackson browne fan - and plagarist?"

both men were simply pointing out that ms. vincent used mr. browne's words without credit, but neither specifically accused her of deliberate plagarism (asking a question is not the same as making an accusation, in our opinion).

but ms. vincent fails to illucidate in her current piece that the reason the "unmerited charge spread across the web at frightening speed" is because after james' brief post, she herself wrote more than one long, scathing piece on her blog, full of invective and anger, with such choice jounalistic descriptions as "nasty bottomfeeders in the blogger bog" and "nasty wannabe pundits who because haven't an original, earnest idea in their heads, fill their empty existences sniping impotently at legitimate targets."

she herself perpetuated the story. what spread across the web like wildfire was collective surprise amongst civilized adult individuals that a "professional journalist" would be so petty and vindictive. after all, james and charles were only asking a legitimate question, ie, if you use someone's words, shouldn't you credit them with it, especially if you are a "professional" journalist?

nobody accused her of plagarism. it was only she herself who denied it and denied it and denied it again, while hurling insults at most people who write weblogs with opinions. me thinks the lady doth protest too much (sorry, i didn't really mean to imply she was a lady, don't sue me under australian copyright law).

hey, 'winona', if the stolen shoe fits, wear it.


etc. etc. etc.
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not enough progressive weblogs on the net

there's only 250 that link crusader could find.
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john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

hmm, things just keep gettin' more n' more interesting when it comes to neo-confederates in the administration. sure, lott is out. but, gee, atrios could'a told you that last week (he did) [ed. note: it might be interesting to one day have mrs. atrios chat with mrs. skippy, and compare notes].

but there's still some good ol' boys skulking about in the corridors of power inside the beltway. the american prospect points out that the infamous southern partisan interview that john ashcroft gave (where he praised the magazine for "setting the record straight") was set up by one richard hines, the man behind mr. bush's victory in the south carolina primary, which was a turning point in the republican campaign of 2000.

while he made his fortune, hines retained a keen interest in history and politics -- above all in the neo-confederate movement that has now helped land lott in so much trouble. hines first gained national media attention in 1996 when, in a public protest over the unveiling of a monument to the black tennis great arthur ashe in richmond, va., he unfurled the battle flag of his great-grandfather's regiment and denounced the statue as "a sharp stick in the eye of those who honor the confederate heritage."

according to tap, hines was responsible for a mass-mailing in the latter days of the so. carolina campaign, praising bush as the only candidate who did not describe the confederate flag as a symbol of racism, and this helped turn a close race (against mccain) into a victory for bush. scared yet? it gets worse...

hines' contribution has not been forgotten inside the white house -- at least according to hines, who boasts on his company's web site that he "has an active voice in the current bush administration"...the current white house has done nothing to disabuse him, or the country, of his conceit.

tomorrow: about.com doesn't like ashcroft, either!
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Thursday, December 19, 2002

more christmas songs

we've asked people to email us with their suggestions for their favorite christmas songs and christmas movies. here is an update of some more suggestions we've gotten.

clair thomas likes jackson browne's "the rebel jesus" from the chieftain's album the bells of dublin. and mb of wampumblog nominates both happy christmas by lennon/ono, and do they know it's christmas time from the bob geldorf band aid collaboration (a song we like to hear this time of year, as well).

speaking of the bells of dublin album: jane, the prettier half of the daily rant, enjoys the st. stephen day murders by elvis costello (she is in good company, along with jeanne d'arc), and threatens to shoot us with a staple gun if we mention that she likes lynn anderson's dingaling the christmas bell, so we won't. but jane, ain't nothin' wrong with country music, darlin!

michele, of a small victory, likes homo christmas by pansy division. with lyrics like "putting candy canes up each other's butts," who wouldn't like it?

madelyn kane likes dr. john's version of silent night, but she also tells us she likes winter wonderland so much she has written weblog wonderland ('bloggers zing, are ya listenin? some are vain, some are bristlin'). very funny.

todd laclair nominates little drummer boy as his least favorite song. "imagine if you can a drum solo being played in front of a newborn in a manger," todd says. "how high do you have to be before a thought like this flashes across your mind?" hm, we didn't look at it that way. we'll get some "christmas cheer," do some research and let you know the exact answer later, todd!

laurence over at amish tech support votes for weird al yankovic's christmas at ground zero, with the foot note that "ground zero" now has a sick double meaning.

plucky punk agrees with us that a christmas story is great holiday film (as does crinkle), but plucky is also partial to scrooged, with bill murray, and she especially likes buster poindexter as the ghost of christmas past. personally, we don't care for buster's performance, and think carol kane is wasted in that flick, but do like to watch it when it comes on tv.

but plucky has a whole santa's bag full of fav christmas songs: happy birthday and good king wencenslas by mojo nixon, the christmas carol by tom lehrer (we are big lehrer fans, plucky, we'd hold your hand in ours, dear and press it to our lips...), run, run rudolf by chuck berry, fairy tale of new york by the pogues (join in with elayne riggs on liking that one, plucky!), hot christmas by squirrel nut zippers, scrooge by the ventures, home on christmas day by cyndi lauper, making christmas from the nightmare before christmas sound track and the temptations' version of rudolf the red nosed reindeer. quite ecclectic, indeed!

so, keep those emails coming in, folks! what's your favorite christmas song/film?
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don't plan on your pension

the bush administration has just made it easier for you to have a difficult time retiring, especially if you are an older worker who has paid into your company's pension fund for some time.

"the switch to a cash-balance plan is tantamount to a pension pay cut for older workers unless they get adequate transition protection," said j. mark iwry, former benefits tax counsel at the treasury department during the clinton administration, reports gomemphis.com.

the new pension regulations proposed by mr. bush's boys would make it easier for companies to switch to cash balance pension plans, which, unlike traditional pension plans, accrue in a more linear manner. "in the cash-balance plan, employers contribute to each account based on a set percentage of pay for all participants, and each employee's holdings usually accrue the same rate of interest."

the buffalo news tries to explain it to us: "under a traditional pension, benefits typically are a percentage of a worker's earnings, usually in his or her highest-pay years, multiplied by the number of years of employment at the company...at 1 percent, a worker with 30 years of service would get a pension equal to 30 percent of average pay for the highest-paying few years - usually three or five - of service. so a worker whose highest three years of pay averaged $60,000 would receive an annual pension of $18,000."

but, the buffalo news warns, "workers who are at mid-career with a company that has a generous traditional pension typically count on that pension in their retirement planning. when it is suddenly converted to a cash-balance plan, they can see their pension shrivel."

if you are unsure of exactly what this means to you (and if your company has a 401(k) plan, it actually means nothing to you, because that's a different plan altogether), we recommend that you go ask max or brad or megan to explain it to you.

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john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

we are so happy with this series...mainly because whenever we decide to hunker down and do some roll-up-our-sleeves on-line research, we find that our work has already been done for us!

today our good buddy talkleft has provided blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) with a link to the national association of criminal defense lawyer's press release describing ashcroft's record prior to his becoming attorney general. she also gracioulsy provides us with a link to lexisnexis (the data base, not the shampoo) to find the statement of sen. carl levin made during the confirmation hearings (part of which she also gives us).

thanks to talk left for working so hard on this issue!
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say hello

to jon's mind.

we met up with jon thanks to a link to this us on the blog of the amazing j. bradford delong, one of the few economic blogs that is routinely quoted and linked to on the argmax economic news blog (where skippy gets all his economic headlines!)

thanks for the link, brad!
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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

speaking of ted barlow disease

many blogs as of late have either discontinued or gone on hiatus, with much bemoaning and grieving by the survivors. but we have noticed, much to our distress, that our good friend the watchful blogger has not posted anything on doxagora since early october.

worse, he left no explanation. we are hoping he is well, and enjoying life (he had fallen into sporadic posting in the last few weeks before he quit). watchful's blog was intelligent, erudite, and interesting, and though he sat on the other side of the aisle from us, was always gracious to us.

we hope he comes back soon.
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screamin' memes

woah, please. does roger ailes, over and out, know about this? instapundit continues to spread mis- (or dis) information by linking to an article by noemie emery (no, we didn't make that name up) in the weekly standard, perpetuating the meme that it was the conservatives that championed the hard look at trent lott's racist ways:

so who were the people who jumped on lott first? andrew sullivan, david frum, and george will, among others. social conservatives (such as the family research council) roared for his ouster. in no time at all, the entire machinery of the vast right-wing media monster--the wall street journal, the washington times, the new york post, national review, and the american prowler (the online arm of the american spectator); all the people on whom al gore and tom daschle blame the woes of the country--had locked trent in the parlor with a pistol beside him, and urged him to do the right thing.

not again. ok, from the top:

so who were the people who jumped on lott first?

in order? mydd, atrios and joshua micah marshall. nobody said diddly until after the weekend of dec. 6-7, when atrios posted his fine series looking into lott's dixiecrat platform. please check out the timeline on roger ailes, over and out.

the entire machinery of the vast right-wing media monster--the wall street journal, the washington times, the new york post,

the new york post? you mean, john podahertz in the nypost, who correctly credited atrios with leading the charge on the story?

all the people on whom al gore and tom daschle blame the woes of the country--had locked trent in the parlor with a pistol beside him, and urged him to do the right thing

all the people? not mickey kaus, who, after apparently being called on his original mis- (dis?) statement, went back and changed his blog to properly credit atrios and marshall, and now is apparently giving all the credit to "a string of pro-democrat bloggers ... who immediately started whaling on lott." but then mickey blames the woes of the world on sid blumenthal. that bit of paranoia, however, does not negate the facts that he correctly put forth about who rode lott hard and put him away wet.

ok, ok, we can understand the weekly standard getting it wrong. they get everything wrong. but glenn, please, don't tell us you don't read these blogs, and aren't aware of the truth. (we know you read ours, you linked to our ted barlow disease post!)
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please pet this innocent tissue to be used without any complain every day

we were browsing over at tom tomorrow's terrific blog looking for info to use on our john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day series.

instead, we found this delightful cast of japanese cartoon characters, all based on tissue boxes. you heard us right. boxes of tissue (and one sentient roll of toilet paper).

"it's not just a tissue you always use! ultra cute character tissue san arrived!"

we have no punch line funnier than the reality.
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we demand a recount!

of course, not a recount of the final tally in dwight meredith's sandy koufax awards over on his blog pla. the final votes arent' even all in yet (now, we're not telling you whom to vote for in the 'humorous blog' category, so don't accuse us of politicking).

no, the recount we want is for the nominations themselves. being tied up with real life last week, the only nomination skippy entered, for a joke, was his own blog for best special effect (we have our own theme song, does instapundit? we thought not).

but upon reflection, why is two tears in a bucket, and wtf is it now, and lean left and testify, (ditto gail davis on line and them durn lib'ruls and sassafrass and sciatica) but to name a few, not on the nomination list? they are all fine blogs, and we are sure it was just a case of too many great writers for one little category. ann and maru, kevin and les, gail and rlg, and the guys at sassafrass and sciatica, we vote for you!

we would also be remiss not to mention our first and most ardent fan, and a true lefty in her own right, susan of easy bake coven. she gets our vote every day!

update: after reading the above-mentioned blogs (after all, we had to make links to them, so while we were there we gave them all a quick once over) and thus reaffirming our premise that they are all good blogs, we ran into yet another reason that kevin raybould does as fine of work as anybody in blogtopia (yes! we coined that term!).

here is his point by point refutation of of an anonymous republican spokesman who accused president clinton of not having any facts when bubba likened the actions of the gop at large to trent lott specifically.

keep up the great work, kevin!
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keep those votes comin' in

not that we're telling you whom to vote for, but be sure to go register your favorite blog in one of the many categories of dwight meredith's sandy koufax awards on his blog pla.
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we don't care who wins

we have no dog in this fight, but love to see the actual blood drawn: talkleft reports extensively on the fact that gary condit is suing dominick dunne, apparently for slander.

former rep. gary condit sued dominick dunne for $11 million on monday, claiming the author slandered him in interviews about the chandra levy case. dunne "made false and defamatory statements accusing (condit) of involvement in the crimes of kidnapping and murder," said the lawsuit filed in federal court in manhattan.

$11 mill? wow, we'd better watch our step!
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repubs not exactly circling the wagons around lott

among other republicans privately withdrawing their support for trent, senator lincoln chafee has publically said that trent lott should step down as majority leader.

i think the biggest problem has been that his apologies haven't connected," chafee told wpro-am. but "the only way to have a change, in my opinion, is for the white house to come in here and say to majority leader trent lott, 'it's time for change,'" the first-term senator said.

we don't know if the white house will be so pro-active, but mr. lott certainly cannot count on mr. bush's support.

maybe he'd better try to get a spot on def comedy jam.

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the john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

it just keeps getting easier. today the san francisco chronicle has done all our work for us, in pointing out that attorney general john ashcroft has affiliated himself with the same sort of groups that gott lott in hott watter, with this piece embattled lott has confederate in ashcroft (we love puns in headlines).

in a 1998 interview in the magazine, ashcroft said that he and southern partisan must speak up to defend robert e. lee, stonewall jackson and jefferson davis, "or else we'll be taught that these people were giving their lives, subscribing their sacred fortunes and their honor to some perverted agenda."

yes, we wouldn't want the perverted agenda known as the abolition of slavery to be taught to our kids, would we?
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hey, folks, it's carnival of the vanities, and this time you can find it over at heretical ideas! tool on over there and check out the best of blogtopia (yes! i coined that term!)

we recommend reading all of the entries, but are especially taken with south knox bubba's chicken soup for my ass; as well as sneakeasy's joint's hi diddly dee, it's a shoppers life for me, as well as a small victory's pissing on my christmas tree

we also highly recommend chuck simmin's small pox again which lays out the real odds of a biologicial or chemical attack on the us soil (that is to say, slim to none). if you read only one entry from carnival of the vanities, read this one.
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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

don't you hate when celebrities make sense

last night on the donahue show (transcripts here), susan sarandon and tim robbins showed an amazing amount of class, dignity and intelligence debating the idea that americans have an inherent right, nay, a duty, to question their leaders and hold them accountable. dan flynn, author of why the left hates america, and bob barr, the man that makes trent lott look like martin luther king, tried to show sarandon and robbins to be self-absorbed egotistical shallow syncohpants, but failed at every turn.

when a member of the audience (msnbc was brilliant to send donahue back into the audience with his microphone, it's his forte) declared that celebrities think they are so special, and their opinions are worth so much more than anyone else's, sarandon passionately responded:

i mean, i totally agree with you. my opinion is not worth any more than anybody else’s. and if the news starts to cover issues instead of celebrities, i’d be so happy. if people will start to tune in just because they hear there’s going to be a number of different sides covered on an issue, that would be great. the problem is, you’ve got the media that’s owned by just a few people now, and less and less information is getting to people.

read the transcript. two very classy and intelligent people making the case for legitimate political dissent.

and, speaking of transcripts, check out james "not the ice cream king" carville on yesterday's crossfire (today's is not available yet, but he was just a firey today, too). the ragin' cajun apparently reads skippy, because he has two days in a row demanded that people take notice of john ashcroft's neo-confederate ties in light of trent lott's opinions:

so tonight, i want to announce the formation of liberals for lott. libs for lott is dedicated to the american principle of equal justice for all. leadership based on character and full accountability to those who seek to govern. libs for lott demands equality. if senator lott stays, so can ashcroft. but if lott goes, we insist that the republican party send ashcroft with him.

hey, why not send an email to james at crossfire and tell him you're joining libs for lott? and tell him skippy sent ya!

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republicans get even

in a wild attempt to get even for the terrible news that has beset his party this last week, one republican operative got drunk and exacted revenge.
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consumer confidence hits a (stop us if you've heard this before) 9 year low

consumer confidence dropped to the lowest it has been since shortly after the first bush left office. are we beginning to see a pattern here?

abc/money magazine's consumer comfort index fell an unexpected 5 points to minus 23 for the week ending dec. 15, according to forbes.

"a drop this big is rare; it's happened only 19 times in almost 900 weeks of continuous polling," says abcnews. "this is the third drop of five or more points in 2002, the third most in 17 years of polling. there were four such drops in 1990 and six in 2001, both years in which the economy fell into recession."

merry christmas!

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over negative one billion sold

the old punchline to any jokes about long-range careers, "do you want fries with that," is no longer funny. mcdonald's corporation is posting its first loss in 47 years.

shares of the world's largest restuarant corporation fell $1.39, or 8 percent, on the dow jones.

"trying to save money, mcdonald's said it will take a $435 million charge to close underperforming restaurants and cut jobs, forcing it to lose 5 to 6 cents a share in the fourth quarter ending this month," says cnn.

mayor mccheese could not be reached for comment.
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i think i'm linking japanese i think i'm linking japanes i really think so

we are big fans of the esoteric, and are in love with shonen knife, but we still don't know how their official fan page links to our blog. but more than once we have found links from them to us. we can only suppose they are fans of skippy.
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angry about poindexter? call him up!

while researching a link for a joke (as if skippy needs any other kind of link) about john poindexter and his office total information awareness, which is compiling a data base of every american's financial, school, employment, government, credit card, and medical records, we came upon this neat bit of information: general poindexter's phone number and home address.

matt smith, in the sf weekly.com, said in his column:

optimistically, i dialed john and linda poindexter's number -- (301) 424-6613 -- at their home at 10 barrington fare in rockville, md., hoping the good admiral and excused criminal might be able to offer some insight. a pleasant-sounding woman I think might have been linda, the former episcopal priest and now effusive catholic, answered the phone. "john's not home right now, but can you call me in about 10 or 15 minutes?" she said. "i'm on the other line." but henceforth i only reached the poindexters' answering machine.

now, the perverse among us might use this information to make some sort of immature prank, like calling up and asking "do you have karl rove in the can?" or "is your refrigerator running, and if so, did it pick condaleeza rice for vp?" but we think it seems only fair, doesn't it? if he knows everything about us, we at least should be able to send him a christmas card.

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john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

we personally don't think trent lott should have gotten in trouble for his remarks during strom thurmond's birthday party. come on, he was just trying to make an old man feel good about his failed run for the presidency. skippy hopes if he reaches a hundred years old, somebody makes a speech saying that they voted for skippy.

we do think sen. lott should be in trouble for his segregationist, racist, bigoted approach to government. so now he is, so we are happy.

but we are not stopping there. because after all, anybody who didn't know trent held these segregationist views must have been living with osama in a cave somewhere. what worries us is that there are many others with similiar viewpoints in government.

we are going out on a limb with this, because of the potential that john poindexter's total information office will read this post and put skippy on yet another government list (hell, why don't they just dust off all the lists from the nixon administration, and save some typing?), but we would like to point out that attorney general john "can't win an election against a deadman" ashcroft has been known to truck with the same organizations that gott lott in hott watter.

so here is today's john ashcroft neo-confederate link. and what luck, joe conason has done most of our work for us!

"like lott, ashcroft has lent his prestige to neo-confederate publications and causes, notably the strange interview he gave to southern partisan magazine. and like lott, he has cultivated connections with the council of conservative citizens, which maintains its headquarters in his home state of missouri."

we hope this can be the first of many examinations into the back ground of john ashcroft. of course, congress should have done this two years ago, but, better late than never!
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a lott to update

first of all, we are pleased to point out that paul krugman gave atrios a plug in his column yesterday. while it does not wholly make up for the mainstream press crediting right bloggers for the fuhrer, sorry, furor, over trent lott, it does give the man some of what he is due.

now, on to lott. it looks bad for the man who supports affirmative action...sorry...sorry, we had to get up from the floor after laughing so hard there...anyway, it looks bad for trent, because sources close to mr. bush say that bush would cast a write in vote for al gore in 2004 before he'd give any support to trent during his troubles.

"republicans with close ties to the bush administration said today that senator trent lott had no chance of remaining majority leader and that the white house wanted him out," says the nytimes.

and don nickles, the number two republican in the senate (and wouldn't you be tired of being referred to as "number two"?) has called for a vote on lott's fate. sen. nickles will be out of a job when congress reconvenes next year (term limits) so you can't attribute scheming manipulation to get lotts job to sen. nickles. no, it's just good old fashioned revenge, best served cold.

yummy! it's just too bad the democrats are all out of the country on vacation. anyway, we haven't heard from any of them, so they must be gone, or else spineless wimps.
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new blogroll additions

we are pleased as punch to add some new blogs to our permanent blogroll. these new blogs have caught a lot of bloggers' attention recently, and the main criteria for us is, they link to skippy.

and so it with great pleasure we add the daily rant by jane and jay, wampumblog by mb, and vanessa's pucky punk's happyland, and our very special find, roger ailes, over and out.
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Monday, December 16, 2002

vote early and often

dwight meredith of the estute blog pla is holding his first annual sandy koulfax awards, to celebrate the best in lefty blogging (baseball fans are cracking up now at the joke; others, go google it and find out).

we are sorry to learn that skippy didn't make the cut in any category (not even blog with its own theme song or blog who coined the term 'blogtopia') but there are plenty of great blogs nominated. please go on over and vote! vote by email or in dwight's many comments section.

update: whoops! we looked again! we did get nominated for best humorous blog! we are so touched, and we'd like to thank all the little people, and even the medium sized people, and the the really really tall people too, the ones that have to duck down to get through a door way. we couldn't have done it without you all! it's an honor just to be nominated, and yada yada yada!

updated update: wow, we are really really embarrassed, we just looked again, and we did get nominated for being the only blog with a theme song. skippy is going to have to fire one of his crack staff, just to make an example of him, so everyone starts researching thoroughly before we pull another trent lott with an unthinking remark!

go. vote. first google sandy koufax, then go vote.
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