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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, September 29, 2002

watch for a blogburst in a week, with scattered letters and faxes to follow

ampersand of alas, a blog is organizing a "blogburst" for monday, oct. 7. he'd like for as many blog writers and readers as possible to use that day to write and read about, and then contact, their congressjerks, and also their mediajerks, and let them know their opinion of the upcoming invasion of iraq. for more information, go here to ampersand's open letters page. he's also encoruaging blog readers to take a stab at writing, which is what the open letters page is for. and it's easy to make the transition from blog reader to blog writer. all you need is no life at all and a perverse need for other people to think your words are more special than they really are.
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