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Saturday, September 21, 2002

i'll be back (to school)...but without gray davis

arnold schwarzenegger is promoting a bi-partisan initiative to increase state funding for after-school programs. and the contra costa times is reporting that he's getting endorsements from all sides of the political spectrum...except from gray davis.

davis spokesman roger salazar says that the govenor has not been asked for an endoresement. and the times speculates that he may never be: "after all, when schwarzenegger last year was considering a gubernatorial bid, davis strategist garry south sent political reporters copies of articles from national enquirer and the movie magazine premiere detailing accusations of schwarzenegger groping and womanizing."

mr. schwarzenegger seems to be sniping back at the gov; he insists his initiative is essential to provide after-school programs for the children of california, because "they don't have a representative in sacramento that drops on the governor's desk $100,000 and then he votes for it."

woah! what could possibly prompt the bulked-up movie star to accuse gray of pay-for-play activities? could it be the governor's recent plans for a fundraiser seeking bucks specifically from folks who would benefit from a high-speed rail line? the same fundraiser which gray cancelled because of the appearance of impropriety (or was it because bill simon was "promising to show up on the doorstep"?)

ron diridon, chairman of the state high speed rail authority, had stood at davis' side as the governor signed legislation placing a $10 million bond issue for the train system before the voters. then mr. diridon sent out invitations stating that davis "will be at my home this friday from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. specifically to visit with you who will build, operate and maintain the system throughout the nation and especially here in california."

if that's not play-for-pay, we don't know what is. and bill simon thought the same thing, because he and a group of noisy protestors (and a bunch of media) wound up in front of mr. diridon's home at 4 pm on friday, making a fuss.

davis, who got wind of simon's plans, cancelled his appearance. "press secretary roger salazar said the governor canceled the event because of the content of diridon's e-mail, which too closely linked government action and fund raising."

and we suppose gov. davis didn't want anyone to actually say it out loud.

the contest is getting interesting.

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