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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

blogging around

nathan newman has an interesting link to a steve balmer interview discussing the real reason microsoft hates linux...not people getting free software, but people talking to each other. most corporations hate when you do that.

guy cabot at my daddy's blog makes some interesting parallels between the current poltical/war climate today and that preceding a certain archduke getting assassinated in 1914.

kevin reybould at lean left is studying "original intent" and "fundamentalism" in regards to the constitution...and making us glad we graduated years ago, and the worse thing we ever had to do was compare and contrast "the maids" with "who's afraid of virginia woolf?"

kathy kinsley at on the third hand, plogs through some blogs, but mentions the great idea carnival of vanities by silflay hraka, which all bloggers should check out starting tomorrow...sort of a one-stop shopping blog roll.

atrios at eschaton has an interesting poll from gallup. notice how support for invading iraq, when posited against the circumstance of the u.s. going it alone, goes down faster than dow jones when bush gives a speech.

avedon carol over at the sideshow points out that our country supplied saddam with the original cultures of germs needed for biological wmd*.

the daily kos reiterates what we've been saying for a while now...the economy stinks! only they actually prove it with numbers and sources and stuff (show offs!) and they analyze how it keeps creeping into the election debate in spite of all the sabre-rattling and war-mongering.

tom tomorrow links us to the story about federal air marshalls gone berzerk...and the dark-skinned american doctor who was detained for no reason after his rather annoying flight.

lisa english at ruminate this jus always has great stuff...go read all of her blog.

* wmd = weapons of mass destruction, for those of you who haven't been reading the news in the past 20 weeks.
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