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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

much ado about jackie

over at the rittenhouse review, they are talking about a comedian of palestinian-decent who was unceremoniously dropped from the bill opening for jackie mason a mere 3 hours before showtime.

the staff at skippy watched curtis and kuby on msnbc today, and they interviewed ray hanania, the comedian in question. first of all, he is an american, born and bred here. second of all, he's married to a jewish woman, so, apparently, at least one jewish person thinks he's funny (but if she's anything like mrs. skippy, she doesn't think he's funny as much as he does). and thirdly, ray is funny. he was very funny and his material on curtis and kuby was very self-depreciating and non-threatening (unfortunately, msnbc does not provide transcripts for that show; we are not sure why, it must be something about the pony tail and beret).

ray explained to curtis (or was it kuby?) that indeed, "zanies", the clubhe was booked to work at, had told mr. mason's people that ray was of palestinian heritage, and, as of a week before the show, everything was fine with all parties concerned. then, 3 hours before the show, mr. mason's manager called the club and said it was unacceptable for ray to open for the borscht belt superstar [ed. note: irony intended].

according to ray, it was his booking originally; he was slated to work the whole week, and jackie was going to come in for a "guest set."

some of us at skippy have been stand up comedians, and we think this is an outrage. not because of the jewish-palestinian thing, but because if you've got relatives and friends coming to see your show, it's pretty damn embarrassing not to actually perform.

ray mentions on his web site: "one of my role models is jerry seinfeld, who is a jewish-arab comedian. his mother is from a jewish family from damascus, syria and grew up in the syrian jewish community in bensonhurst section of brooklyn. after the tragedy of september 11th, 2001, seinfeld did several comedy appearances to help raise nearly $1.9 million for mayor guiliani's twin tower's fund. in his biography, seinfeld notes 'it (comedy) identifies us as americans ... what I would call classic american behavior, an act of defiance and a way of striking back. ironic humor ... people coming back with a vengeance, returning to our lives with great glee'."

we ask, who is the bigger person here? and, is that a banana in your pants or are just glad to be reading skippy the bush kangaroo?
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