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Wednesday, August 28, 2002


from the army times:

arab neighbors urge iraq to relent on inspection issue
"if the united states hits iraq, no arab ruler would be 'able to curb popular sentiments. there might be repercussions and we fear a state of disorder and chaos,' [egyptian president hosni] mubarak said...the governments of lebanon, oman, yemen, and the united arab emirates, along with non-arab iran, have all repeatedly expressed their opposition to a u.s. military strike against iraq."

reporters tour reported suspected iraqi weapons facility
"it was the third such visit by reporters this month as iraq tries to ward off possible u.s. attack — though it has stopped short of allowing u.n. weapons inspectors to conduct a comprehensive and informed review."

rumsfeld mum on iraq plans
" 'i’ll leave that to the president and the vice president,' rumsfeld said monday at the army’s national training center."

and apparently mr. bush and cheney are busy making those plans:
u.s. may not wait for allies' support before attacking iraq
" 'it’s less important to have unanimity than it is making the right decision and doing the right thing, even though at the outset it may seem lonesome,'...rumsfeld said tuesday."

brownlee visits bragg, voices concern
"the army’s no. 2 civilian leader visited fort bragg, expressing concern about recent murders involving military couples."

mine injures soldier
"a special operations soldier and a swiss land mine clearer were wounded when ordnance exploded while they were clearing mines in central afghanistan."

recruiter accesss irks some vermont parents
"a provision of a new federal education law that gives military recruiters access to student information is meeting resistance from some parents...the no child left behind act requires schools receiving federal funds to make the names, addresses and telephone numbers of their students available to the military."

apparently mr. bush believes 'no child left behind' refers to the invasion of iraq.

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