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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, August 29, 2002

florida poll update

kathie k, our florida correspondent, writes:

"skippy, since you're interested in the florida election, this might make you smile."

it's a story from the florida times-union, quoting the results of a poll that shows bill mcbride in a statistical dead heat with janet reno for democratic nominee for governer. and, the same poll shows that jeb bush would garner less than 50% of the vote if mcbride were running against him, with mcbride getting 33%, and 21% undecided. that's a lot of undecided, we think. we're not sure. no, we're undecided.

kathie is doing a great job for us in florida, keeping us up to date on the latest from that state. but if we may borrow a page out of the daily kos' play book, we'd love it if our readers from around this great country of ours would send us emails with the latest in what's going on in their home state politics. you'll get a credit, and, best of all, our undying gratitude!
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