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Saturday, August 31, 2002

blogging around

lisa english at ruminate this! has a fine analysis of bechtel's shenanigans that look like corporate extortion of a whole country.

kevin raybould at lean left talks about a badly planned and never-executed attack against the us embassy in sweden.

taegan goddard at political wire links us to plenty of stories heralding the beginning of the campaign season.

tapped shows us dr. limerick's complete ann coulter "slander" mistake list.

les dabney at testify! has bad news for real estate investors.

our favorite crankpot, maru, muses about cheney's war talk diverting halliburton questions on wtf is it now?

buzzflash links us to this story showing ashcroft's term 'person of interest,' for steven hatfill, "is found nowhere in the federal code of conduct that guides the department of justice. a department spokesman acknowledged that 'person of interest' is an unofficial term with no legal definition." and this article claiming hatfill's offer for blood test "will not prove or disprove his possible involvement in last year's deadly anthrax mailings, according to another lsu scientist with anthrax expertise...hatfill's offer last weekend to undergo FBI blood analysis 'signifies nothing'."

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Bad news for all investors who have invested their money and now will not be able, learn full-text 4-page document to decide what to do in order to get the profit that was expected.

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