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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

"time" is not on bush's side

according to my economist bud jane galt over at live from the wtc, next week's issue of time takes real issue with poor mr. bush. jane herself lables the story "snotty" in tone, and, while applauding the story's intent, skippy might have to agree with her assesment: "does another bush not get it? sure, the son has got to focus on a war to preserve the nation's security, as his father did. but like dad, he misjudges the nation's economy at his peril." (disclosure: skippy likes "snotty tones.") jane is not going to renew her subscription to time, something skippy let lapse years ago. there's only so many magazines one can read in a day.

anyway, be sure to check out jane's take on the whole thing, and look at her comments section for spirited debate, something we could use more of at this site!
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