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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

plugging the holes

united press international reports that our favorite republican senator, john mccain, introduced his own legislation to "close major gaps in the federal firearms background check system that in a 30-month period allowed some 10,000 felons and others prohibited from gun ownership to obtain weapons." apparently the nation's data bases are in terrible shape, allowing people guilty of numerous crimes to slip through the cracks and get guns. theoretically, this bill by sen. mccain will put some caulk into those cracks. "on the issue of domestic violence," the report quotes mccain as saying, "twenty states lack a database for either domestic violence misdemeanants or temporary restraining orders or both."

once again skippy is reminded that, if al gore really wants to win in '04, he should name mccain as his running mate...just a thought!
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