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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

we didn't make a profit so it doesn't count

while congress decries the "unpatriotic" use of off-shore tax havens, the new york daily news reports that harken energy set up an off-shore subsidiary while mr. bush was on the board of directors. "harken registered harken bahrain oil co. on sept. 1, 1989, according to cayman islands government documents," the article states. but in defense of our beleaguered president, "a spokesman for bush said the offshore company did not save any taxes because it failed to find oil or make a profit." well, then i guess that's all right, then!

a big skippy thanks and tip of the kangaroo hat to the note at abcnews.com for the link to this story!
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will wonders never cease

skippy is wondering if this is a sign of the coming apocalypse, but here is a commentary by phyllis schlafly that we agree with. its seems that ms. schlafly is as opposed to operation tips as we are, and for much the same reasons.

"operation tips calls on americans...to monitor and report 'suspicious' activities to a central reporting center," ms. schlafly writes. "you can bet that all those 'suspicious' activities will be entered on a national database available to the prying eyes of federal bureaucrats." we were waiting for another reference to big brother and 1984, but instead found this well-articulated arguement: "if u.s. troops are to defend us against terrorists, they should be used to prevent suspicious aliens from coming across our borders, not for police work against u.s. citizens. gen. ralph e. eberhart...said we should review the posse comitatus act of 1878 'if we think it ties our hands.' but tying the hands of the military over civilians is what posse comitatus is supposed to do."

skippy agrees with ms. schlafly's commentary so much, he's beginning to wonder if he should become a stay at home mom.
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you'll be sleeping with the fishes, or at least scott hamilton

in a development that shows just what a rank amateur tonya harding was, the associated press is reporting that the russian mob was behind the skating judge gold medal scandal in the last winter olympics.

"an alleged russian crime boss was arrested in italy on u.s. charges he tried to fix the ice dancing competition at the 2002 olympics," the report says. and this report from cnn, says "[alimzan] tokhtakhounov is accused of brokering a deal in which [the russian skaters] would be awarded the gold medal in the pairs competition in return for a french pair...winning the gold in ice dancing."

the cnn report says that the canadian skaters who originally lost the gold, much to the world's dismay stated that "they were not surprised by charges that their competition...in salt lake city was fixed."

we at skippy are crest-fallen that the olympics are no longer pure. next you'll be telling us the atheletes use steroids!
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plugging the holes

united press international reports that our favorite republican senator, john mccain, introduced his own legislation to "close major gaps in the federal firearms background check system that in a 30-month period allowed some 10,000 felons and others prohibited from gun ownership to obtain weapons." apparently the nation's data bases are in terrible shape, allowing people guilty of numerous crimes to slip through the cracks and get guns. theoretically, this bill by sen. mccain will put some caulk into those cracks. "on the issue of domestic violence," the report quotes mccain as saying, "twenty states lack a database for either domestic violence misdemeanants or temporary restraining orders or both."

once again skippy is reminded that, if al gore really wants to win in '04, he should name mccain as his running mate...just a thought!
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put it all on 22 black, uh, i mean, worldcom!

harley sorenson of the san francisco chronicle writes a pretty entertaining essay comparing the stock market to las vegas. "from what I've seen, the stock market is the world's biggest casino," he says. "its most salient feature is that it provides off-track betting. all you need to place a bet in the market is a telephone or a mouse."

that's not bad enough, he goes on, but the so-called media "experts" telling us about it, cannot be trusted. "almost every reporter, every anchor, every news-outlet owner has money invested in the market. thus, they're involved in the market story." mr. sorenson goes on: if you really want to see a journalistic charade, you should watch the cable program featuring the editorial board of the wall street journal...i haven't seen such a collection of virtual pimps and whores in one place since willie brown kicked the real hookers out of the tenderloin." and he concludes: "we're riding a very prolonged, very nasty cold streak. and we're gambling in a casino that's not very honest."
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morton in the middle

there are those that would argue morton kondracke is a liberal, and i'd concur, if those arguing were the marqui de sade and genghis kahn. but here at skippy the bush kangaroo, we are always ready to admit when we agree with people we don't agree with.

and so we happily admit we agree with mr. kondracke when he says that congress and mr. bush should do some compromising on both sides of the aisle to get some medicare prescription drug legislation passed this year.

mr. kondracke says in this week's issue of roll call, that "according to the congressional budget office, drug costs are rising at such a rate that by 2005 a quarter of seniors will be paying $4,000 a year or more to stay well." yow! skippy's not that young or that rich to ignore these facts. so we must support mr. kondracke's position that between "government-heavy $600 billion (over 10 years) democratic proposal" and the "light weight $190 billion gop bill," there should be some middle figure that everyone can live with. we also give a hearty hear, hear, when he concludes his musings with "it wouldn't hurt if bush called daschle and made a deal at, say, $400 billion. whoever didn't go along with that would then deserve the onus for failure."

and, while we're trolling through inside the beltway editorials, here's a fine one from the hill admonishing congress to "leave social security alone," because, the editorial says, "in the real world, however, privatization can lead to a significant loss of retirement income when (not if) markets tumble."

just thinking about it, skippy needs an aspirin!

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i guess he doesn't like cross-dressers

and on the stranger side, upi's capitol comment is reporting that rep. dan "shoot that watermelon" burton introduced legislation to remove j. edgar hoover's name from fbi headquarters on pennsylvania avenue. according to the report, rep. burton's office released a statement saying "evidence indicates that...hoover himself turned a blind eye to numerous murders in order to develop and protect informants." yikes! good thing nothing like that happens with the fbi today (especially not in boston)!

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bush doesn't blow (or at least, he doesn't want you to)

nathan newman over at news and views sends us a heads up that he's discussing mr. bush's machinations to "rip the heart out of the whistleblower protections." nathan's post is worth a look.
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fort bragg news update update

around blogtopia, some people are wondering aloud at the scant news coverage the domestic abuse killings at fort bragg in north carolina are getting. specifically, ann salisbury at two tears in a bucket has this and this to say, and my favorite uppity negro, aaron hawk, talks about it here.

well, skippy is pleased to announce that as he was listening to cnn this morning, watching the market drop, he saw a promo for connie chung tonight, saying that ms. chung would analyze this story and talk to some people from fort bragg. we can only hope ms. chung does her usual good work.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

"time" is not on bush's side

according to my economist bud jane galt over at live from the wtc, next week's issue of time takes real issue with poor mr. bush. jane herself lables the story "snotty" in tone, and, while applauding the story's intent, skippy might have to agree with her assesment: "does another bush not get it? sure, the son has got to focus on a war to preserve the nation's security, as his father did. but like dad, he misjudges the nation's economy at his peril." (disclosure: skippy likes "snotty tones.") jane is not going to renew her subscription to time, something skippy let lapse years ago. there's only so many magazines one can read in a day.

anyway, be sure to check out jane's take on the whole thing, and look at her comments section for spirited debate, something we could use more of at this site!
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nobody likes an old duck anyway

according to the orange county register, several ex-employees of disneyland have sued the theme park, accusing the happiest place on earth of age discrmination.

the report says that david koenig, author of the behind-the-ears book "mouse tales" testified on behalf of the plaintiffs that "disneyland terminated some of its most experienced, hardest-working employees, namely those long-term employees age 40 and older, and replaced them with younger, less-experienced persons under age 40."

skippy can certainly empathize with those folks. he worked at disneyland at the notorious golden horseshoe saloon reviewback in the 80's, and was let go after a couple of seasons (however, it was probably because he broke his foot, rather than being over 40). but he was fired just a couple of years ago from his comedy writing job at a subsidiary of a major communications corporation, with little cause given. since he was the oldest employee in the department, and his work was given to his younger assistant, he just put two and two together. however, we don't want to mention that corporation by name.
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what was so great about that depression, anyway?

here's an editorial by robert brent toplin in the tallahassee democrat comparing the michael douglas character of gordon gekko from the movie "wall street", to today's corporate scandals.

what is interesting, though, is not the movie metaphor, but that mr. toplin makes yet another reference in today's media to the great depression of the 1920's. we at skippy are seeing more and more of these comparisons.

"the gekko character is a familiar figure in u.s. economic history," mr. toplin says. "his most notable earlier appearance was in the 1920s...a time of fast-rising stock prices, [when] manipulative financiers gave the public distorted information about the condition of their business enterprises."

but at least he realizes that this is not a movie: "the final minutes, gekko's protege turned him in to the authorities. in real life, it takes more than a single act of heroism to deal with the challenges posed by excessive greed. government must establish the rules of fair play."

we wish.
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boring follow ups

luckily for us, the asteroid that was supposed to destroy the earth in early 2019, won't.

and, also perhaps just as luckily, jim traficant, who said "i'll go to jail before I resign," will.

oh, and bruce springsteen is on tour, in case you don't read eric alterman.
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scary monsters

united press international is reporting that osama bin laden is not only alive, but he has plotted a number of operations against the west, slated to be carried out in the month of august, according to the london-based newspaper ash sharq al-awsat.

the upi report says that sources who were "close to bin Laden's supporters, told ash sharq al-awsat [that] al qaida had completed plans for its operation. targets were not mentioned, however."

pretty scary stuff. good thing our president will be on the job during august. huh? what's that you say?
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jeeves, give the poor homeless man the rest of my pate fois

the rittenhouse review (a daily skippy favorite) gives this fabulous deconstruction of michael novak's foray into the working class via mr. novak's article about the pennsylvania miners getting rescued.

the rittenhouse review suspects that "novak sees precious few working-class or blue-collar americans as he goes about his daily business..while ensconced in a nice office in a respectable yet undistinguished building at the corner of 17th and m streets, n.w., in washington, d.c., the most white-collar large city in america."

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hillary for president, or at least toastmaster general

the hartford courant reports that senator hillary clinton "eclipses the rest" when she spoke to the democratic leadership council. and the new york post says she "stole the show."

the courant article states that the applause for senator clinton "dwarfed the polite receptions given to the more somber and conventional musings of sens....lieberman...kerry...and majority leader...daschle."

and hey, you know it takes a lot to make millionaires who want to be perceived as populist candidates applaud!
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more worrisome numbers (if you're a republican)

usa today reports that the dems get "an edge on the economy" in their latest poll. the article says that americans, when polled, postulated "which party would do a better job in congress of setting the right economic course: 42% say democrats, and 37% say republicans. in may, republicans led democrats 43%-34%." it's even worse for poor mr. bush: in october "72% approved of the president's economic performance. now, 52% do" according to the usa today/cnn/gallup poll.

but skippy always wondered why it takes 3 national organizations to do one lousy little poll? how hard is it to phone people up and ask leading questions?
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plugging away

skippy is so flattered to be getting mail from other blogs around the blogopia (yes, i coined that term! what, never heard of it? damn! shows you how much my coins are worth!)

jack thoreau has begun a new site called fight the right. he's got plenty of action alerts, with links that can help you implement your interactive democracy from the comfort of your own computer, as well as essays and letters that could be of interest.

jack also directed us to this essay that he wrote about invading iraq on america held hostile. it's worthy of a read because it contains the names and email addresses and/or phone and fax numbers of all the members of the foreign relations committee in the senate. and skippy wants you to remember to use the phone company to send free faxes to these guys using your email.

also, dave johnson has begun a new blog called seeing the forest which is worth a look. thanks for the link, dave!
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Monday, July 29, 2002

free faxes to washington

hey kids, here's your weekly reminder to use the phone company link on the right side of this page to send free faxes to your jerks in washington, using your brower's email system!
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mea culpa

a few posts ago, i postulated that the democrats would probably not be able to do much with the "four aces" of corporate scandal that they were dealt. i used it, knowing i had heard it somewhere else, but not remembering where. well, now i remember.

mark shields first used that phrase in this commentary. so, for taking it and making it my own, without proper attribution, i apologize. and just to show what a sport i am, i'm recommending this article by mr. shields, which asks the question, is it "fun being a republican candidate in the late summer of 2002"? he apparently thinks not.

but i wonder if mr. shields got the idea for his opening paragraph in that article from this letter in the arizona republic?
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if he's in the center i'm off the map

here's two interesting items about joe "do you have enough insurance" lieberman: this one, from yahoo, tells of the senator saying that the broad powers that poor mr. bush wants over the homeland security department is "an insult to unionized government employees." the report quotes the senator lieberman as saying "this is a phony issue, and it ought not to stop the president from signing this bill."

but before you think the good senator might have some gumption growing between his legs, take a look at this new york times story, where joe rags on his former buddy, al gore, because mr. gore "drifted away from the centrist democratic appeal ." apparently poor joe doesn't want to tick off the huge business interests that are such good friends with his campaign, as well as the dlc.

and while we're spreading nasty political stories, here's an interesting review of dick cheney's business history with halliburton, from the toronto star.
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eating jim crow

not that we particularly love the new york times, but we just keep finding editorials from that paper that we agree with. here's one discussing the changes (or lack thereof) in the sufferage laws around the country. apparently, some judge in florida threw out a lawsuit challenging that state's disenfranchisement laws. the report tells of the judge "deciding that florida had the right to disenfranchise people as long as the motive was to deny felons, rather than a specific racial group, the vote."

well, isn't that enlightened!
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you must like to laugh, you're reading this site

so if you really like a good chuckle or two, we heartily recommend the ironic times. almost as funny as the real news.
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the lesser of two heckles

the contra costra times reports that california gubernatorial candidate bill simon got heckled in a recent appearnce in oakland. but apparently, the report states, "the call to action stemmed more from disdain for simon than enthusiasm for the democratic incumbent" (gray 'pay for play' davis).

the report quotes one of the protestors as saying, "not that gray davis is any better (than simon), but he's the lesser of two evils."

as someone who has done stand-up comedy in his life, skippy wonders what kind of comeback simon had.
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Sunday, July 28, 2002

by george w. orwell

in a fit of deja vu i would rather not have experienced, the san francisco chronicle has an article that likens living in george w. bush's america to george orwell's 1984, much like i did in an off-handed remark yesterday.

"president bush may not be as menacing a figure (as big brother)," the article postulates, "but he has hardly concealed his desire for greater powers...by abandoning many of the checks and balances established in the constitution...bush has already achieved the greatest expansion of executive powers since nixon."

what's scarier, comparing bush to big brother or nixon?
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blogging around

even though most would consider yours truly left-leaning, and that same most would consider the doxagora blog right-leaning, i am always pleased and surprised to find posts on that site that i agree with 100%. (perhaps it's time to junk such last-millenium terms as "right" and "left" although i'm not sure what we would replace them with.)

i must give a hearty "hear hear" to doxagora's take on how the new york times assumes to tell general colin powell how to do his job. like doxagora, i believe "the fact that i tend to agree more with secretary powell's take on international affairs... doesn't obviate the fact that international policy is his to execute, not his to make." personally, i believe general powell to be the best thing about mr. bush's administration, and would hope his expertise and insights will be around to guide the white house for another 2 years, 5 months and 23 days.

and then, doxagora and i both agree about the exciting to watch david horowitz vs. scoobie davis fracas. here's a well-laid out argument by doxagora that, of the two, scoobie seems to be the more intellectually honest participant in this cyberstreet fight, at least in this case.

we provide no link to mr. horowitz's site. if you really want to go there, you can google-search it. but don't come back crying to us.

also, our thanks to drudge for drudging up this tidbit about yet another loophole in the tax system to let billionaires be billionaires.

and buzzflash takes time out of their busy hunt for anti-bush stories to bring us this note: the washington post is reporting a ufo. where's muldar when you need him?

speaking of buzzflash's hunt, here's an interesting note from, again, the washington post, concerning the pentagon's decidedly unenthusiastic feelings towards an invasion of iraq.

(skippy comes from a proud navy family, and has never seen the miliatary as the problem in the world's woes. skippy knows that our brave men and women in uniform, the top brass included, are only doing their jobs as directed by the jerks in washington. so, even though nobody asked, skippy would suggest listening to the military's opinions when it comes to little things like waging war. just an idea.)
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mo' money mo' money mo' money: a commentary

i'm a big fan of glen reynolds' work at instapundit and read him daily. he's thoughtful and concise, not afraid to back up his opinions with cites and refereces (always a plus in skippy's book!). but i would respectfully offer a different opinion than he does about the partisan reaction to corporate scandals.

on this post, glen says that he has "been noting that the financial-scandal angle won't work for the democrats because they're just as corrupt as republicans" and then goes on to provide an instance found by the armed liberal showing as much.

we at skippy would have to agree with both bloggers: yes, the dems are just as big money-grubbers as the repubs. hell, i don't want to mention joe lieberman by name, but i'm sure i wouldn't have to surf too far to find corraborating evidence.

but i think that misses the point (maybe not glen's point, to be sure, but the dem's point. and let's face it, the dems are dropping the ball sooo much these days, we ought to look a little harder at what they are trying to say, just in the name of good sportsmanship).

rightly or wrongly, the republicans, and poor mr. bush and mr. cheney in particular, are seen to be closely tied to big business. the current administration ran on the idea that they were "bidness men." mr. bush proudly states he is our first president with an mba. that wasn't the dems' idea, it came from the bowels of the republican brain trusts.

sure, dems took money from enron. but as we all know, it was less than the repubs took. (63% to the r's, 37% to the d's in 2000). there are those that argue, "shop lifting is illegal, whether you steal 37 cents or 63 cents worth of candy!" true, but in the law, there are degrees. think not? ask yourself if you'd rather be convicted of first degree murder or manslaughter. yes, the dems are dirty in enron. it's just that the republicans are almost twice as dirty.

and remember newt gingrich and his contract with america? not to nit pick, but he didn't call it a "promise" to america, or a "declaration of financial rights" for america, or even "here's a really good idea, america." no, it was a contract. a standard business form. and which party was known in the 90's for their love of deregulation? two guesses, and the answer doesn't begin with a "d."

now, i am sure there are plenty of people that can argue, and very intelligently, i imagine, that deregulation had nothing to do with corporate scandals. and, maybe in the past (when i was still drinking) i could honestly believe that the lack of oversight and rules didn't encourage cheating and fraud. sure, makes sense to me. but to the great majority of people who bother to read the news, it seems like the guys who called for a kinder, gentler sec must take some responsibility with the results.

granted, today's democrats are far too stupid and wimpy and greedy to actually make these arguments out loud. what they need is a democrat who is ruthless. but, alas, there is no such thing today.

so we must leave it to the people's perceptions. and, i truly believe, most people perceive (again i repeat, rightly or wrongly) that the republicans are closer to big business, and therefore, the corporate scandals, than the dems.

as we often say in this space, you reap what you sow.
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Saturday, July 27, 2002

apparently, mother nature reads this blog

we at skippy are very relieved and happy to hear that the fire threatening the sequoias has now changed directions and is burning away from the big trees. cbs news reports that "weather conditions saturday had been favorable for fire fighters, since increased winds that had been expected Saturday afternoon had not materialized."

thank you, god, for small favors.
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now we'll just have to go back to spying on each other over the internet

the miami herald is reporting that mr. bush's tips program (an effort to encourage americans to turn in their fellow americans to the authorities seems to be dead. "the homeland security bill passed...by the house..." the report states, "appears to kill operation tips."

this was one issue that both the far left and far right (and anybody else who didin't want to live in a production of "1984") agreed on, according to the report. "it drew fire from republican conservatives and from the american civil liberties union, which charged that it would encourage 'government-sanctioned peeping toms.' "

now, we are all for peeping toms, but don't relish the idea of getting the feds involved.
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quick, lassie, find timmy's stash!

drug sniffing dogs are causing quite a stir in one south dakota school, according to this report from the new york times. we're not sure what kind of drugs kindergardeners are using these days, but apparently federal officials in souix falls let the dogs frighten the children "so badly that they cried and at least one urinated involuntarily."

personally, we at skippy have a zero-tolerance policy for stupid adults scaring kids.
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timing is everything

what do you do when the responsibilites of your job begin to spin out of control, and huge scandals come to light under your watch, and several highly visible people call for your resignation? well, if you're harvey pitt, you ask for a raise.

the washington post says that the beleaguered mr. pitt not only asked congress for more money, but also asked "lawmakers to elevate his sec job to cabinet status." apparently, this did not go down well with some people. senator daschle said, "of all the things that he has to think about, it is amazing to me that this is what he's spending his time thinking about."

personally, skippy likes the man's moxie! the next time skippy screws up at work, he'll ask for more money and a promotion!
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Friday, July 26, 2002

blogging around

check out the rittenhouse review's take on poor samantha runnion's mother appearing on larry king the day after her abducted daughter was buried. skippy remarked much the same sort of feelings to mrs. skippy when he watched the grieving (?) mother on her national television appearance. apparently the woman wasn't shaken up too much by her daughter's abduction, sexual molestation and murder because she was still able to get into the make up chair for her big debut with larry.

and as to the markets (finally closing in positive territory for a change), my favorite economist jane galt posts this musing on when and where we will see the end of the bears (check out the comments section, where she and her intelligent readers answer skippy's question, "aside from how i feel when i look at my 401k, what's the difference between a recession and a depression?")

and, on a lighter note, make sure that mad kane's dubya's daily diary is on your "favorites" button.
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ducking subpoenas for fun and profit

apparently, if you're the vice president, you don't have to ever worry about getting any unwanted subpoenas, according to this report from the cybercast news service. the report says, "a process server was threatened with arrest when he went...to deliver a copy of the legal complaint against dick cheney on behalf of halliburton shareholders."

and, as if you need yet another example of the difference between this white house and bill clinton, here it is: judicial watch (the self-proclaimed public service organization that is bringing the suit on behalf of the shareholders) says "we have served many a lawsuit on bill clinton, al gore, and hillary clinton...the clinton white house accepted the papers. never before have our process servers been threatened with arrest."
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those darn numbers!

the christian science monitor has this report by john zogby of zogby international, stating that poor mr. bush's poll numbers are expected to go down even more. although "last week the president dropped to a still-high 62 percent job rating," mr. zogby goes on to say "...i believe bush's numbers will go down about 6 or 7 points more."

and, speaking of numbers, paul krugman takes mr. bush's plan to privatize social security to task in this new york times editorial. aside from the fact that mr. bush's basic math was a bit fuzzy ("based on the claim that 2-1=4"), mr. krugman points out that the biggest benefactors of a privatized social security plan would be "a handful of designated private investment funds" because of the "...enormous commissions for the managers of those funds." i.e., more bucks for mr. bush's millionaire friends.

and finally, john balzar makes this commentary in the contra-costa times, examining poor mr. bush's explanation of his harken dealings in relation to the other corporate scandals plaguing the countryside. "Audaciously, bush asks us to believe that harken's disreputable accounting is an example of a system that works," mr. balzar writes, because "...we are told that since no one was actually charged with wrongdoing, then everything was legal and right, thank you."
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just direct your thousand feet to 42nd street

cnn reports that a new species of centipede was found in, of all places, central park.

the report states that "the central park centipede...is so unusual that scientists have classified it as the only species in a completely new genus," making it unique among the other slimy disgusting things in the park (we supposed winos are the same genus as bums). "like all centipedes, it is a carnivorous predator armed with venomous fangs" the report goes on to say. well, it should feel right at home in new york city, then.

but it begs the question, exactly who was looking for it?
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Thursday, July 25, 2002

is a mirror looking into a mirror really infinity or just plain zero?

we at skippy are all for fact-checking, ombudsmanship and keeping each other honest, but after a while, one has to ask one's self, at what point does it become redundant?

of course, we love media whores on line (except not this month, they're on vacation. but any other month, they are the cat's pajamas!) this media watchdog site was personally responsible for putting the kibosh on the ugly rumor that clinton invited ken lay for a sleepover in the lincoln bedroom. they did this by (shudder!) researching the facts, then admonishing their readers to email offending media outlets demanding corrections of the misinformation. good job, whores on line!

and in the name of fairness and the first amendment, we have no objection to media whores on line watch. this blog purports to "correct" the fallacies offered on media whores. we at skippy rarely agree with mwo watch, and find their arguements to be specious at best, and third-grade at worst. but, as we said somewhere else in our lives, it's a free country.

and, in theory, we don't really have a problem with media whores on line watch watch, which tries to keep mwo watch honest while they try to keep mwo honest. but you can see where we're going with this.

it seems to us at skippy, that a debate is an exchange of ideas, ie, a dialogue, and not a constant nit picking of context, challenging of usage and tossing about of straw-men arguments. catching someone in a lapse of logic is one thing, continual finger pointing is another.

all we can say is, we dread the day when someone directs us to skippy the bush kangaroo watch watch watch watch.
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what, did he vote for himself?

cnn reports that in a 420 to 1 vote, the house of representatives expelled bon vivant, man-about-the-hill and avante garde hair stylist jim traficant, making him only the second house member "since the civil war to be kicked out of congress."

cnn says that mr. traficant, in his final speech before the house, declared "i'll go to jail before I resign and admit to something I didn't do."

looks like he'll get his wish.
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from the "i told you so" dept.

douglas rushkoff, in the uk guardian, says that he predicted the aol-time warner fiasco back in 2000, but the new york times refused to run his analysis of the bubble bursting. mr. rushkoff writes, "all the experts - at least all the experts the times was listening to - believed that the aol purchase of time warner indicated 'new' media's domination of 'old' media. interactivity would take over."

now it looks like the sec is considering taking over.

(and a big skippy thanks to the jim romenesko's media news blog for linking us to that guardian article!)
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ancient trees in danger

we here at skippy are sorely disheartened to watch the raging forest fires that threaten the sequoias. sequoia national park and its big trees is one of the most beautiful spots in the state of california, if not the world. mr. and mrs. skippy has spent many a peaceful afternoon among the giant trees, and can tell you there is nothing as calming to the soul or as humbling to the ego as walking through redwood and sequoia forests. we hope the fire does not do the sort of damage that the 1988 fire in yellowstone national park did.
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they can always get a job on the lecture circuit

in the july 25 edition of rollcall magazine, stuart rothenberg postulates that for president bush, it's time to let a head (or two) to roll. mr. rothenberg says, "paul o'neill and...harvey pitt are the two biggest problems for bush, and if they really want to help him, both should leave their posts voluntarily."

skippy seconds the motion! mr. rothenberg goes on to say "the president's top foreign affairs advisers begin with a reservoir of credibility...the same can't be said of o'neill or pitt." and, our favorite paragraph in the piece opens with the fact that "so far, o'neill is best known for contradicting the president, (and) accompanying singer bono on an international journey..."

skippy bets that mr. bush wonders why bono ever left cher.
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stranger than headlines

in other news:

court rules aqua song "barbie girl" not an infringement on mattel's copyright
lassie's litigation against "who let the dogs out" still pending

corporate fraud bill sent to president
president retorts, "i'm not paying this bill!"

an hour after entering it, zacharias moussaoui withdraws his guilty plea
moussaoui requests emily latella for his lawyer.

viagra helps children with pulminary hypertension
skeptics ask, helps them do what, exactly?

pope john paul visits the faithful in toronto
blue jays still suck.
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posse comatose

apparently, according to reuters, the united states armed forces are not too keen on the administration's idea of giving domestic police powers to the military.

the reuters story quotes army vice chief of staff gen. john keane as saying "military leaders have always resisted policing the american people. we have police forces...to do that." president bush has asked congress to review the idea of repealing the 1878 "posse comitatus" law that forbids the military from making arrests.

if that happens, skippy has a suggestion for the color of their shirts
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trust us, the rest of the cruise will go swimmingly

amy goldstein, in the washington post, is reporting that the white house is still firmly behind poor mr. bush's plan to privatize social security, in spite of the recent downturn of the markets.

and in the same issue, mike allen reports that white house budget director michael daniels, jr., says that the economy is "is doing better than everybody predicted."

the white house sounds to us rather like the captain of the titanic insisting that luxury liners are the best way to travel.
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she's feisty, to say the least

i love reading the site wtf is it now. maru the crankpot churns out the usual links to stories about poor mr. bush, but she does it in such a, ahem, colorful way, that it demands a daily perusal. read the july 25 post to get such wonderful nicknames for poor mr. bush as reznit clueless and emporer snippy. but most of all, i like her name for mr. bush's crawford texas ranch: the lazy w.
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leave it to a scientist to insist on using facts

one reason i love the postings at quark soup is that since blogger david appell is a scientist, he's one of the few people in the blogosphere that actually uses cites, sources, footnotes, and research. check out his entry for july 25, where he contends that if the u.s. took part in the kyoto treaty, the economy (including jobs) would not be as severely affected as critics have been touting.

david writes: "stabilizing greenhouse gases at a level that would prevent global warming would be hardly noticeable in a hundred years time: the world would be ten times richer in the year 2102 instead of the year 2100" a mere two years per century of delayed economic gratification. that seems to us like a small price to pay for a healthy ecosystem.
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every blog wants to get in on the act!

much to our chagrin, salon.com is offering their own blogging software. you know it's become passe if salon is reporting about it.

the problem is, of course, salon wants you to pay money. when readers of skippy know that you can set up your own blog for free by going to blogger.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

i'm too popular to be sued

skippy has never heard of the legal theory that celebrity negates fiduciary responsibility, but that's the case that paula zahn's lawyer is making.

ap reports that ms. zahn thinks that, since she is a celebrity, she shouldn't have to be deposed in a suit for failure of payment brought by the zahn's landscaper. her lawyer "filed a motion last week seeking a protective order, arguing that zahn should not be deposed because she has 'celebrity status'."

skippy hasn't heard of that legal precedent, but thinks it's a doozy. go ahead, folks, sue me! i'm a celebrity, you can't make it stick!
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sound familiar?

"i'm not a stock broker or a stock picker" mr. bush said on monday (we won't speculate as to if he's a nose broker or a...oh, never mind). but he went on to say that "corporate profits are improving."

or, to quote another republican of a few years ago, "prosperity is just around the corner!"
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can you spell whitewater?

thanks to teagan goddard's political wire for linking us to this item by alexander bolton in the hill: apparently senators joe lieberman and carl levin are considering hearings on the past business dealings of poor mr. bush and mr. cheney. mr. bolton writes that senator levin "said if bush and cheney do not make public documents that shed light on their private-sector activities, congress might have to step in."

as we have said in this space before, what goes around comes around.
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of course mr. bush is relevant!

joe conason, in today's new york observer, explains to us all why bush's tangled past is relevant today. without going into excruciating detail about poor mr. bush's insider dealings (except to point out that the sale of the texas rangers, that made mr. bush a multi-millionaire, happened only 4 years ago), mr. conason explains that poor mr. bush "cannot raise his hand against what Teddy Roosevelt called the 'malefactors of great wealth,' because they’re his backers, his colleagues, his friends and his family."
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impeach terry mcauliffe

bruce f. cole, over at the progressive common dreams, wonders (as has skippy) why the democrats can't get their act together. among other things, mr. cole says that it's difficult for the dems to credibly point their accusing fingers at the repubs' corporate scandal involvements, thanks to the creative accounting techniques of terry mcauliffe, the chairman of the democratic national committee (or republican lite, as we like to call it).

mcauliffe, in a fancy deal with some union electrician officials, "slickly parlayed an initial investment of $100 into $2,450,000 working capital, courtesy of his union pals," writes mr. cole. he says the deal "smells as bad as anything stinking up the Potomac these days," and further calls upon mr. mcauliffe to resign.

skippy, thinking the dems need to look good on this issue, would tend to agree.
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shout out to the bucket

skippy would like to thank ann salisbury over at two tears in a bucket for mentioning this site. two tears is a definite daily read for us here at skippy, because of ann's insightful musings about politics, especially those in our mutual home state of california.
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the one with the beady eyes is my agent

cnn is reporting that the drought in southern california is forcing rats to forage for food in places they usually don't go. mainly, beverly hills.

for some strange reason, the residents of the pricey neighborhood are not particularly pleased to see the rodents. "the unwelcome guests nibbled her african violets and dirtied the gleaming white tiles of her kitchen floor. and they seemed to feel right at home," the report states.

nothing is mentioned about the rats' shopping habits.
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help, my tv has fallen and it can't get up!

according to abcnews.com, an email virus has invaded the web tv network, causing infected tvs to shut down, reboot, and then call 911.

abc says that "several people have reported this happening and then having a police officer show up at their door." the report goes on to say that "a customer service supervisor at microsoft confirms that 18 customers have called in to report the suspicious webtv behavior."

and nothing is worse than suspicious tv behavior.
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as if we didn't have enough to worry about

just our luck. the one day that the dow manages to show positive gains, comes word from the bbc that a huge asteroid may be on a collision course with, you guessed it, earth.

according to the story, "a preliminary orbit suggests that 2002 nt7 is on an impact course with earth and could strike the planet on 1 february, 2019" but don't worry too much folks, the story goes on to say that further observations will probably prove that the uncertainties of an actual impact "will be large."

but just in case, somebody call bruce willis, ben affleck and bily bob thorton.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

and now, here's alanis morrisette for prilosec!

it seems ironic that chevy is using smashmouth's "might as well be walking on the sun" as background music for their new ads touting their cars. didn't anybody at the ad agency or chevy listen to the lyrics? it's a highly sarcastic put down of our consumer society. or maybe i'm interpeting their words incorrectly:

And just like any fad it retracts before impact
And just like fashion its a passion for the with-it and hip
If ya got the goods they'll come and buy it just
To stay in the clique

maybe it's chevrolet being self-consciously deconstructionist (yeah, that's it!) or maybe some guy in a suit said "these kids today, with their rock and their roll. they'll buy anything."

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free faxes to washington

this is your weekly reminder to make use of the phone company web site (on the right side of this page under "links") to send free faxes to your congresspeople in washington using your browser's email system.
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once is not enough

skippy loves a good laugh, especially at the expense of those in power, so we are pleased to rerun the parody article by our good friend gil christner. this article, printed at the democratic undergound, is entitled bush's harken mistakes blamed on clinton's penis.

gil writes, in part: "white house spokesman ari fleischer said that clinton's reputation as a womanizer and indiscriminate horn dog weighed so heavily on george w. bush's mind, that he inadvertently forgot to file the proper forms with the sec reporting the harken stock sale and the resulting 200% profit."

the scary thing is, it sounds like something limbaugh would say!

ps, while we're plugging our friends who are stand up comics, be sure to check out joel leder if he's at a comedy spot near you. he is a ventroliquist who deconstructs the entire art form, funny but edgy as well!

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taxing experience

readers of this space know that california gubernatorial candidate bill simon has refused to release his tax returns, unlike his opponent, incumbent governor moneybags, uh, i mean, gray davis.

so, no tax returns forthcoming from mr. simon. that is, until yesterday...well, kind of.

as david lazarus of the san francisco chronicle points out, simon's restrictions on the reporters' ability to view said tax returns were so draconian as to render the whole thing an exercise in futility. mr. lazarus writes that mr. simon's "ludicrous ground rules all but guaranteed that nothing would come of the late-afternoon effort but frustration and a serious headache."

mr. simon's restrictions included: no making copies or taking pictures of the returns, no accountants or even calculators allowed in the room, the reporters were allowed only 2 hours to view the documents, and, this is the one skippy likes the best, the reporters couldn't use their own paper, but had to write on note pads provided by the simon campaign.

the los angeles times (which we refuse to link to, as they want to know how much money you make just so you can read their story) reports that mr. simon's 1995 tax returns were not even included in yesterday's fiasco. and on kcrw's "which way la?," warren olney played part of the press conference where, when asked how reporters were supposed to make sense of the returns under such adverse restrictions, mr. simon shot back "well, take notes." paul lynde couldn't have been bitchier.

now, we're not saying a picture of mussolini comes to mind in this case. more like, something like this.
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and besides, the authors probably think jerry lewis is a genius

from the far left, the gang over at counterpunch are examining the phenomenae of reviewing a book without having actually read it. the book in this case, is the french publication forbidden truth: the u.s.-taliban secret oil diplomacy, saudi arabia and the failed search for osama bin laden by brisard and dasquie.

now, skippy is a big fan of conspiracy theories, but counterpunch is not weaving anything more sinister than the idea that journalists today seem content to be lapdogs rather than watchdogs. mr. madsen writes, in part, "that washington's media elite appears to be anesthetized to bush's current drive to turning the united states into some mirror image of east germany, china, or pinochet's chile cannot be overstated." fightin' words? perhaps. but these just might be times for fightin'.
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daily rant about the economy

ok, kids, all together now, one, two three: the market is tanking again. yes, yes, i know this blog is beginning to sound like a broken record (a metaphor understood only by people over 30). but paul krugman at the new york times echoes our sentiments in his article living with bears, to wit: pep talks from poor mr. bush not only don't seem to help, they are transparently what cartoonists call "the illusion of movement."

not only do the pep talks seem desparate, mr. krugman writes, "most important, the fundamentals aren't actually all that great. doubts about corporate governance are growing, not fading away. state and local governments are in a desperate fiscal crisis. and even before the sudden plunge in the markets, the data were pointing not to a boom but to a "jobless recovery," in which the economy grows too slowly to make much if any dent in the unemployment rate."

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leo mckern dead at 82

if you're a fan of mystery! on pbs, the beatles' movies, the cult tv classic the prisoner or just good english drama, please take a moment to mourn the passing of the great leo mckern. he died this morning after a long illness.

a quick peak at the international movie data base entry for mr. mckern reveals a long list of great and not so great productions he took part in. as a child i first happened upon his perfect comic timing when he played clang in the beatles' flick help! and as a young man, serious and imaginative, i was enthralled at mr. mckern's 3 appearances as number two in the cult classic tv show the prisoner. but most of the world will remember his cigar smoking, irrascible blusterings as rumpole of the bailey.

the world has lost a superb character actor, and we at skippy feel a little less full this morning because of it.
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Monday, July 22, 2002

the skippy theme song

that's right, this blog has its own theme song. although the dialogue box seems to be in some nordic language, press the button that says hør ringelyden to hear the lovely theme to skippy the bush kangaroo.
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more blogging news

information week has published a great article called "are you blogging yet?" give it a read.
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stranger than headlines

and now skippy is pleased to bring you some of the stranger items of the day:

pothole state park flops
while its sister attraction, road kill snack stand, does record business.

san antonio named sweatiest city
jersey city demands recount.

brothels to seduce investors into float
when these stocks go down, they really go down.

transvestite girl scout identified
insert your own "cookie" joke here.
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more awol alerts

listening to cnbc babble on about the dropping dow, skippy was amazed to hear another reference to being "awol." on the program "business center" with ron insana and sue herera, mention was made of secretary of treasury paul o'neill being overseas today instead of here with the rest of us watching the dow tank. the question was asked, is he "absent without leave?" once again, we believe, referencing poor mr. bush's supposed non-completion of his tour of duty with the texas air national guard in the 70's.
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we always suspected

skippy has found a site that is a perect example of why the internet was invented. be sure to check out my cat hates you.com. we cannot argue with the basic premise, ie, all cats, especially those owned by the guy who put the site together, hate you.
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start spreadin' the word

thanks a tip of the hat to the smirking chimp (another daily read for skippy) for bringing us the following articles from around the country asking serious questions about poor mr. bush's abilities to handle things:

the king has no clothes from the pittsburgh post-gazette

don't blame bubba from us news & world report

bush clan full of black sheep from the san francisco gate

explaining bush is a full time job from the boulder colorado daily camera

the president's new pitch from the toronto star

(ok, technically, toronto is not in this country, but their ball team is in the american league east, so i included it).
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h.l. mencken, call your agent

is there even a reason to pit bloggers versus journalists? skippy doesn't think so, but the san francisco chronicle's tech section has an interesting article posing that question.

"mark my words, this is going to be the altamont of the blogging movement" the article quotes somebody as saying. not sure what that means, but anytime skippy can find a quote using the words "altamont" and "blogging" in the same sentence, he'll use it!
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Sunday, July 21, 2002

breaking (or is that just plain "broke") news

worldcom is declaring bankruptcy. oh, yeah, and the sky is blue, too.
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where can i comment about the lack of comments?

earlier in this space, we recommended teagan goddard's political wire and the comment section for good political debate, featuring rational thought (and some less rational) from all sides of the spectrum. much to our chagrin, political wire has discontinued its comments section. (skippy still highly recommends a daily reading of the blog though; great stories you won't find anywhere else!)

but, if you still want to rant and rave, be sure to visit the indefatigable max speak for his comments section, or the always entertaining news and views for that comment forum. sorry, conservatives, both blogs lean to the left, but if you like libertarians, check out my economist bud jane galt and her comments. or, you could always leave a comment here (hint hint).
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is it getting hot in here, or am i just crazy?

everyone's favorite brit, andrew sullivan, takes issue with the new york times' assertion about rising temperatures in alaska (i can't link you to the original times' article, they want you to pay for it). my good friends at doxagora review the sullivan v. times brou-ha-ha with their usual good common sense. and for a scientific approach to the original scientific question, why not ask a scientist? be sure to check out the science blog quark soup for their take on the whole shebang (look for the "july 19" entry).
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this is scary

one thing i'm noticing more and more of in the news these days, are references to the great depression, and the use of the word "crash." and, scariest of all, bruce freed makes some unnervingly accurate comparisions between poor mr. bush and herbert hoover.

even though hoover was a "believer in limited government," mr freed states, he "failed because his personal ideology and inclinations precluded him from making the policy leaps the crisis demanded," hm, where have i heard that before? are you scared yet?
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even a broken clock is right twice a day

i can't believe i'm about to agree with anything mr. "i'll suck your toes while you suck my" dick morris has to say, but he makes an interesting argument in the hill magazine calling for rudy giuliani to be named as the director of the sec.

dickie boy says: "giuliani’s prosecutorial instincts, his administrative skills, and his popular credibility make him the ideal candidate to replace (harvey) pitt..." for once, i'd say dickie was right on the money (assuming he hasn't already given the money to a pro)!
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harken back to when we knew we were in trouble

the washington post is reporting that mr. bush knew harken energy was in trouble before he sold his stock in that company. the article states that bush "received a letter from management...warning that the company would 'continue to be severely limited in our activities due to cash constraints.' "

now, the fact that bush had info about upcoming harken problems is not news. salon's anthony york reported the same thing over a week ago. the news is that it's finally getting into the washington post.

it's about time the major media of this great country of ours actually did some reporting.
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the heartbreak of war

lest anyone continue to think war is simply a good political ploy to get votes, they should check out this new york times slide show of photos of the civilian casualties of the war in afghanistan.
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sunday night orgasm

by the way, mrs. skippy wants me to remind everyone that sex and the city begins a new season tonight!
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don't tell the isley brothers

is it just me, or does anybody else think that the chad kroeger/josey scott song "hero" from the spider-man soundtrack sounds suspiciously like "kiss from a rose" by seal for the original batman movie?
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Saturday, July 20, 2002

but do mensa members vote?

it occurred to me earlier this week, that is seems the republican party has leaders which are significantly more intelligent than its constituents, but that the reverse is true for the democatic party.
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stop, or we'll shoot ourselves in the foot!

as readers of this space know, skippy doubts that the dems will be able to do much with the four aces they were dealt with the corporate scandals of recent weeks. they just don't have the smarts or the spine. but don't take my word for it, here's a review of the recent senate hearing of army secretary thomas white and his connections to enron.

the above post, from joshua mica marshall's talking points memo (a daily must for skippy!) was written by guest blogger the washington monthly's josh green. it illustrates, alas, all too well, what the great will rogers said: "i'm not a member of any organized politcal party, i'm a democrat!"
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saturday musings

well, thank goodness for the weekend. for one things, as i said last weekend, the market won't tank for another two days at least. and, closer to home, things are picking up in show biz lately. i had 4 auditions last week, and another one coming up on monday, so i am a happy bush kangaroo!

but earlier this week, i ran into 3 separate incidents of, if not road rage, then simply daily modern angst. one morning i was walking home from my agent's office (which is conveniently located close to my apartment). while waiting to cross the street, i saw one lone sports car approaching, with its right signal flashing. i assumed it would turn before it got to me, so i began to walk. however, the car kept coming. now, luckily, this is california, where pedestrians have the right of way, so the sports car slowed down and let me cross.

as i did, i pointed to his blinking right turn signal, to let him know it was on. the car passed by me, and the driver flipped me the bird! i was astounded, and a bit miffed.

then, later that day, i was guilty of the same immaturity. while driving, i got stuck in a line of cars, almost 3 blocks long, slowly inching towards an intersection where the traffic light had gone out. i stopped at one intersection, not moving up, to allow opposing traffic to turn left. while stopped, the car behind me honked his horn several times. i, quite incorrectly, flipped him off.

big mistake. the guy got out of his car and came up to mine, hurling invectives at me for flipping him off. luckily, the guy was much fatter and older than me, so i wasn't afraid. i got out of my car and yelled back, making fun of his toupee. i dared him to hit me, as he was threatening to do. he did not. we both got tired of the testosterone posturing, and got back in our cars.

who was wrong? we both were, but i more so, because (a) it was incumbent upon me to rise above the situation, including the first bird flipping at the intersection, and (b) the guy could have been more dangerous than he looked. but, alas, i had let the anger from that morning's bird flipping spill over into my afternoon.

the final straw was late, late that night. some new neighbors have moved into the apartment across the way from our bedroom. these neighbors are two college students (not uncommon, since we live very close to ucla). now, these boys are just typical boys, prone to loud music, loud tv, loud conversations, and loud late night parties. oh, did i mention they were loud? and that, since it's summer time, both the boys and mr. and mrs. skippy keep our respective windows open at night?

around 2 am, i was awoken by some weird tv show and laughter emminating from the boys' apartment. cranky as all get out, and full of vitrol from my two earlier bird flipping incidents, i yelled out the window, "hey, keep it down." and, not to anyone's surprise, the boys yelled back "f*ck you!"

so, what's the moral, or, at the very least, the point of my story? simply this: life sucks sometimes, but that's no excuse to take it out on complete strangers. and i say that, not to the driver of the sports car, or the honking fat guy, or the two kids who live across the way from my bedroom. i say it to remind myself of the law of karma: that what goes around, comes around, and what you give out comes back to you threefold.
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gone fishin'

skippy wants to take this time to announce his plans for a month-long vacation in august, during which he will relax and let other people take over his responsibilities. because things are going so well, you know. there's no need for skippy to be on the job.

oh wait. sorry. i must have accidentally thought i was george w. bush there for a minute.
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meat rises to its own level

and here's today's "awwwww" story about a herd of cows (you've heard of cows?) adopting an orphan piglet. too cute for skippy!
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screw the indians, let's not offend the devil!

the town of devils lakes, north dakota, is having a huge civic fight over changing the nickname of the high school football team from the satans to something less offensive.

now, i am sorry, but skippy is confused. isn't it considered overly politically correct to change football team nick names from such things as "the braves" or "the warriors" or "the fighting redskins" or "those drunk injuns"? aren't we all screaming that the left is being too sensitive about something as fine and complimentary as naming a football team after a derogatory racial slur? so what's the problem in north dakota? are we afraid of hurting the devil's feelings?
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big brother is washing your windows

undercover police in british columbia are spotting seat belt scofflaws while posing as squeegee windshield washers. the irony in this situation is that it is "actually illegal to offer street window washing...(but) police are allowed to break some laws as part of the undercover operation."

the same rule applies to corporate scandal if used by a president, right?
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we warned you not to criticize george w.

apparently the air force accidentally bombed our own people, but luckily it was only with a dummy bomb. the question is, who was the dummy pilot who dropped it on the texas household?
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Friday, July 19, 2002

i want my meow tv

skippy is never able to post too many cat items, so here's the skinny on somebody producing an entire tv show for cats. you heard us right. cats.

" 'If you can imagine the discovery channel for cats,' said richard thompson, ceo of meow mix cat food, who is producing the show."

the question is, why would you want to?
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who needs the black sox when we've got the nba?

skippy highly recommends criminal sports for a good daily dose of what illegal or otherwise nasty things our professional sportsmen are doing these (it's a great place to keep up with the ongoing allen iverson fiasco).
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but was he carrying a box cutter?

here's a story about a cat with frequent flyer miles. (note: guaranteed happy ending; no fried kitties on the skippy blog, no sir!)
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i'd like a botulism slurpee, please

where did the anthrax used in the deadly mailings last fall come from? this editorial from the new york times doesn't speculate on that, but does ponder the lax security procedures in our country's biodefense program. one worker desribes the slipshod methods of accountability: "i could have walked out with it when I left, and no one would have known...7-eleven had better inventory control."
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harken back to the good old days

the boston globe reports that one of the owners of harken energy admits that company purchased mr. bush's texas oil firm specifically to buy influence. skippy wants to know, did anybody think otherwise?
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a sacramento bee in his bonnet

my favorite newspaper named after an insect, the sacrament bee, offers this analysis on bill simon's latest perception difficulties.

columnist peter schrag says that the issue is "not fraud; it's privilege -- a system that's rigged for insiders at the expense of everybody else...and when it comes to privilege, simon is very much like bush, who also got a lot of help from his rich family and friends, and whose inflated claims of managerial prowess are increasingly undermined by his own business practices." gee, does that sound like anyone we know?
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blue chips or cow chips?

readers of this space will probably be put to sleep to hear me still ranting about this, but, the market tanked again today. the cnn money page reports that the dow fell "390.23 to 8,019.26...lowest closing level since january 1998...seventh worst daily decline...in history. the average has lost 1,300 points in the last month...down 20 percent year-to-date. for the week, it's down 7.7 percent."

do you think that the nation's economic worries might hurt mr. bush in the polls? maybe.

arianna huffington, our favorite greek-american pundit, questions mr. bush's ability to handle the corporate scandals here. she says, "if bush were serious about sobering up corporate america, he would go cold turkey...supporting the sarbanes bill...authorizing the sec to release all documents connected to his harken deal; demanding the resignation of harvey pitt and...thomas white; and coming out in favor of treating stock options as an expense..."

but, hey folks, don't worry, because i'm sure mr. bush has got something up his sleeve to distract us all, even though some people don't think it would be a good idea.
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let's waste some time

here's a few incredibly pointless personality quizzes that i found on the mindscapes, heartstrings and soul-searching blog, one of my daily faves. have a good holiday, glovefox!
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the west hollywood handshake

the inglewood policeman accused of beating a handcuffed teenaged suspect pleaded not guilty to felony charges, claiming that he hit the suspect because the kid "grabbed his testicles while handcuffed." gee, this is los angeles. skippy thought that in some parts of the city that's a friendly gesture!
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Thursday, July 18, 2002

missing in action?

there is was an interesting editorial in the los angeles times on july 16 (for reasons known to most web surfers, i am not including a link to that site. their registration procedure demands your personal information; not only name and address and phone, also your birth year and annual income, just to get a stinking gateway into their stories. personally i find the paper boy who delivers my copy each morning to be a lot less nosey).

but if you're so inclined to give big brother, i mean, the la times, this info, look for an editorial called "our awol president." the gist of it is a rehash of what most media outlets (including skippy) have been saying recently about mr. bush, ie, how can he call for ethics in business without sounding like bill clinton lecturing on chastity?

but the interesting thing, in our opinion, is the title. read it carefully, and ponder. "our awol president." could it be a veiled reference to the persistant rumors that mr. bush did not complete his tour of duty in the texas air national guard in the 1970's?

this rumor, if one can call a complete absence of proof to the contrary a rumor, has been swirling round the web for years. (you can find a more detailed account of the supposed lapse in duty on awolbush.com). the thing we at skippy the bush kangaroo find interesting is the times' use of the term awol to describe poor mr. bush.

does this mean the national press are getting more emboldened by the harken mess to actually start questioning, albeit indirectly, mr. bush's veracity? are the national media growing some teeth? is somebody actually going to ask hard questions?

probably not, but we can dream, can't we?
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what smells?

cbs and the new york times' latest poll finds americans think president bush is "overly influenced" about big business. all skippy can say is, no way, next you'll be saying the sky is blue! stop, please, stop!

gosh, if only there were way to put all that excrement generated in washington to good use.
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a fool for a client

ok, who's the best example of why you shouldn't represent yourself in any legal proceedings? zacarias moussaoui, who attempted to plead guilty in his death penalty case (??!!!!???), or the fun to watch james traficant, who told the house sub-committee on standards of official conduct that he "plans to wear a denim suit and do a Michael Jackson moonwalk on the House floor if he ends up defending himself against expulsion in front of the full 435-member House."
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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

watch us, we suck!

tv guide has compiled a list of the 50 worst tv shows of all time. maybe i'm missing something, but wouldn't that be like macdonald's putting out a list of "the worst food we ever served"?
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someone call TIPS, i like this comic!

by the way, if you haven't read "get your war on" yet, definately check it out. subversive? yes. but that's the way i like my comics!
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wanted: four leaf clovers

thank goodness, things are starting to pick up in show business! i have two auditions today, and another tomorrow, for a david spade flick called dickie roberts. wish me luck!

meantime, wish us all luck with the way the market is going these days. sure, it closed up 69 points today. that's after falling 7 days straight, and nobody is breathing easy just yet.

and wish dick cheney luck while you're at it. those halliburton problems are still nagging our vp.

and send some of those good luck wishes the gop's way, too. some of them might be getting a little nervouse about the mid-term elections coming up.

and poor mr. bush could use some luck these days, too. sure, the major news networks are touting the polls with high numbers for our beleaguered leader, but zogby shows his job performance to be at a low low 62% (and remember, zogby was the only major poll to correctly predict that gore would win the popular vote!)

looks like jack lessenberry in the detroit metro times is right when he says the cows are coming home.
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